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Is there any way to train my dog to not lick people?

I want to train my dog to not lick my family and I? He licks constantly plus i know dogs lick their butts and other parts! In other words what would be the best way to train my dog to not lick people?

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10 Responses to “Is there any way to train my dog to not lick people?”

  1. Thumper said :

    Go get a cat lol.

  2. swelljosie said :

    I don’t think it is possible to do this. A dog’s natural instinict is to lick out of excitement.

  3. Titan said :

    Have your family put something nasty tasting on their skin. Then again dogs will lick just about anything. lol

  4. dogandcatluvr said :

    Licking is a sign of submission, so any attempts to reprimand/scold will just confuse the dog. He’s already telling you that you’re boss, but you scold him anyway. Check into clicker training to give him other cues to obey rather than licking. I just got some great training books from their website that should help you! The website is

  5. chetco said :

    Each time he begins licking, just tel him a gentle ‘no’ and move his face away from you..BE PESISTANT AND CONSISTANT..Get all other family members too do the same.. It shouldn’t take long if all family members will do this, and the dog will learn it is bad manners…However, you need to know that once you take away his freedom to lick, you will have to forever live without those you just can’t go back and forth..

  6. Rachel R said :

    Say “no,” move his face away from you, and stop petting him. When he learns that licking people makes them go away, he’ll stop.
    When he licks you or does something else that you don’t like when you’re playing, stand up, fold your arms across your chest, and ignore him until he stops pestering you. Then you can go back to petting him. Remember, if you give in to him, you’ll train him—instantly and powerfully—to be annoying to get his way. Folding up your arms means your hands are way out of his range: he can’t nuzzle up to you and get a pat on the head anymore. This can be your “not happy” posture.
    This way, he isn’t scared or hurt, but he knows you’re not kidding about laying down the rules.

  7. heart o' gold said :

    There’s a product called bitter apple that you can apply to your skin that tastes really bad. There are other products I’ve seen that are similar. I prefer the gel base to the oily base.
    To train him not to lick ideally you would have everyone who comes into contact with the dog (or everyone he licks) to put this product on thier hands and arms, whatever exposed part of the body that he licks every time they are going to handle him. When he licks you he’ll get the awful taste – I would also say “NO” and pull that part away.
    I also trained a dog not to lick by blowing up her nose when she tried to lick me. This won’t work for all dogs, when I tried it on my mom’s licky little dog she liked it when I blew up her nose.
    It is possible to train them not to lick. I’ve trained two very licky dogs to not lick at all. Be very consistant with whatever method you choose, and you will be successful.

  8. starletta said :

    I all ways herd people say that to train a dog from licking you,you should always carry pepper in your pocket just a little pinch,not a lot and when he starts licking you be firm tell him no,if he still doesn’t listen you take just a pinch and put it on his nose I have never tried this I do not know if it is true or not but I know that it wont hurt him,it will take his mind off licking you for a while anyway.

  9. James said :


    This worked wonders for my dogs and puppies if you’re looking for “cheap puppy training” information that really works.

    All the best.

  10. yroslavvb said :


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