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Learning to play guitar. Should I learn all the pentatonic scales first instead of the major scales?

Ive been told that most riffs are pentatonic scales. Would learning all the major scales first take up my time before I can recognize and play riffs?

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7 Responses to “Learning to play guitar. Should I learn all the pentatonic scales first instead of the major scales?”

  1. sarahinpink94 said :

    yes u should

  2. RATZ said :


  3. babyshainee said :

    yes, most def

  4. xo hersheys xo said :

    yeaH. you shoulld learn the pentatonic scale. it is the fundamentals of any instrument and it gives you a building block

  5. Gabriella d said :

    no i dont know take guitar lessons.

  6. Jim J said :

    The pentatonic scale is easier to learn because 2 notes are left out of the major scale for each octave. Also, don’t learn all the major or pentatonics scales all at once. It will become a mind numbing chore and no fun. Learn a scale in a key of a song you like and play along with the song. This reinforces the scale and then you can move out from there.

  7. diomedes44 said :

    It depends upon what you want to play. If you like Iron Maiden type metal, then focus on the pentatonic scales. If you like Zeppelin guitar leads and improv, then learn the majors. You need to know them all. But honestly fuck reading music man, I’ve been playing guitar for 6 years and I can’t read a note, throw on a track after an hour I can play it to a T with the record. The best way to learn is just sitting in front of your radio stoned as hell and messing around until you find the right notes. As you do that you subconsciously learn the theory behind it, and it becomes much more easier as you go along.


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