looking for Black Friday/cyber monday deals ?

I’m saving up money for deals during thanksgiving month and I want to know what stores (online and offline) are HOT! for “Black Friday” and cyber Monday.
I’m specifically looking for a pair of subs for no more than $500 but I’ll probably buy a new PC or something, so for you experienced shoppers tell me what stores are hot for the upcoming anticipated deal days of thanks giving weekend. By the way does Vanns participate in the cyber Monday if so how were there deals and did you online shoppers see allot of “sale outs”, Do online stores merchandise sale out quick, because if they do I will probably have to make quick decisions and I’ll have to rush through websites and making payments,and looking for specific items and etc. and I don’t know if I’m willing do bust my chops for a pair of subs? depends on the deals I guess…But I want feedback! tell me how lasts years shopping went and give me a list of on line stores where they sell audio,please!

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2 Responses to “looking for Black Friday/cyber monday deals ?”

  1. pami41980 said:

    Here’s the Best Website I could find! Good Luck to Ya!


  2. chottan_mottan said:

    http://www.siftin.com/#Deals search at Slickdeals.net, dealsea.com, deals2buy.com, bensbargains.com, cheapstingybargains.com, dealcatcher, dealio, edealinfo, fatwallet, goatapex, rooster, techdeals, dealspl.us
    This site do live search on these sites, so thats why response is slow, but its worth waiting.

    Also, the preview feature rock as you don’t need to leave the site


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