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Need to train my dog to drop a ball into a bucket?

I’m trying to train my dog to drop a ball into a bucket so that he can use an automatic ball launching machine. I’ve tried a couple methods involving treats but he doesn’t seem to get it. He already knows a command for “ball” but has been trained to drop the ball at my feet.

Any suggestions?

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7 Responses to “Need to train my dog to drop a ball into a bucket?”

  1. jeherohaku said :

    teach him to drop it. grab the ball when it is in his mouth and tell him to drop it ONCE and then treat right after he does it. then when he learns that tell him to drop it when he is over the bucket.

  2. Oahu said :

    I think this is a case to use a clicker !
    When he has the ball in his mouth, coax him to the bucket, put your hand in the bucket holding a treat, and when he touches the bucket with the ball, click and treat.
    Try out slightly different methods of getting him to carry the ball to the bucket – and, patience, patience ….

  3. James said :

    When he looks back at you with the ball, place the treat into the bucket, and tap the rim of the bucket?

  4. Justin said :

    maybe try putting a treat inside the ball that has a very strong smell then as it starts putting it in the bucket get a treat with a weaker smell until it does not need the treat any more.

    P.S. you must be calm because teaching a dog to do something takes a while trust me I’ve had 4

  5. Divapom said :

    Since he knows to drop the ball at your feet. Put a low bucket between your feet. and treat whenever the ball lands in it, when he gets the idea. Then, use a bucket that is the size you are going to use. then slowly move the bucket further away,

  6. DogHelper said :

    First teach him to respond to the words “drop it” for you. Then, give him the command at the bucket.

    You might benefit from this hollywood dog training guide found at

    It is the top, right hand side, product. It includes videos.

    Hope this helps!

  7. John Smith said :

    Hey there blueskie ,
    Go here:

    This is a very comprehensive dog training guide written by daniel stevens.
    i trained my dogs using his guide

    Hope that helps


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