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Should I give up smoking? I hear its a killer…?

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35 Responses to “Should I give up smoking? I hear its a killer…?”

  1. dianesomeone said:

    yes and yes it is

  2. livvie l said:

    no. cough cough. I mean, yes.

  3. LionessB said:


  4. yemma said:

    absolutely, u’ll save money and not die!! yayy

  5. Countessa said:

    Smoking right now. You want one? lol

  6. daisylynn said:

    no have fun you only live once

  7. rob said:

    Smoke till you find a suitable replacement habit

  8. fluffteam said:

    have you SEEN all the commercials to quit smoking?
    It totally kills you!
    You better stop while you still can.

  9. fonebone101 said:

    WELL DUH!!!! YEAH!!!!! QUIT SMOKING!!!!!

  10. Black Parade Daria Morgendorffer said:

    What ever floats your boat.

  11. cavsfan45 said:

    smoking is really bad for you and u will probably end up with lung cancer, and die early. it will also start to wear off your energy. try using nicotine patches to get rid of your addiction

  12. 90_48 said:


  13. mctruck said:


  14. carolinelucyfu said:

    You’re right… it is. For the sake of your own health and the health of those around you, give up smoking.

  15. Chatterbox said:

    Yes.Every cigarette that u smoke takes 7 mins off of your life.I know it’s difficult but trust me u can do it.

  16. Ash girl said:


  17. thisbitchisfine said:


  18. Dawn S said:

    give it real bad at first but after time it gets easier.

  19. Zoe C said:

    yes, and I’ll quit with you.

  20. I ♥ Colbert said:

    Well my main reason for not smoking is because I don’t want to age myself 20 years…….

  21. bookworm said:

    definately. if not for u for the the ppl u associate with. second hand smoke is more dangerous bcause it isn’t filtered for them.

  22. rebelady28379 said:

    thats up to you

  23. matty said:

    yes YES YES YES YES. It is very dangerous

  24. Lolitta said:

    Yes, that’s a very good idea – even though I still smoke

  25. aMAZEing said:

    Yes give it up although it won’t be easy, but yes you should give it up. There are better ways to feel good like doing something good for someone, doing something good for yourself, doing…yourself or…someone else. Just do something or than smoking

  26. Melbourne Girl said:

    my boyfriend smokes and i cant even stop him lol

    but you should i guess. its not good for you especially the people around you. do what you want to

  27. Q.T.π Reuben said:

    I gave it up because it costs too much.
    Everybody will die. No exceptions. Quitting smoking to prolong my life was the least reason that I quit.
    Nobody lives forever.

  28. Goanna Dundee said:

    Yep,killed my Dad and sister,both lung cancer,both could have had another 40 years and not have suffered the agony.

  29. salty said:

    My spouse and I are both lung cancer survivors (at the moment) and obviously I would suggest you give up smoking immediately.

    The fear that accompanies a diagnosis of lung cancer is almost as bad as death from the cancer could be.

  30. W K said:

    I don’t think smoking will kill you, but it’s likely to reduce the number of years you’ll live. Plus there are diseases such as emphyzema, which you can get from smoking over time, that may make your quality of life much worse. Aside from that it’s not healthy for babies and other second hand smokers and (in the USA) many people will like you more if you don’t smoke.

  31. CTU said:

    Well, I’m not really one to tell you to stop smoking because I smoke also!!

  32. mass.brain said:

    Don’t listen to all the bullshit. Just quit. It’s not easy but who said it has to be. It’s unreal how some of the toughest people are turned into pussys when it comes to quitting smoking.

  33. ~*Camille~* said:

    Yes, quit smoking. The tobacco companies don’t care about you or your health, all they care about is the money they make every year from selling cigarettes.

  34. cyberdroid_2000 said:

    You shouldn’t, it’s not a killer in fact is good for your lungs..☺

  35. plaiidurmom said:

    i say nope. u have one life and u should have fun while u are still here. it is bad for u but i am to addicted to quit. u should do what u want and not care what every one else says.


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