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Should i learn to play guitar?

I’m almost 22 so I’m afraid that I’m a little old. When I have the resources I typically follow through on creative projects. I have plenty of time to practice and a little expendable income to spend on equipment. Guitar Isn’t my instrument of choice but It seems to be a good springboard into all other instruments. Is it practical to expect to learn at my age without formal lessons? How much should be spent on a first guitar?

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5 Responses to “Should i learn to play guitar?”

  1. xavier.schott said :

    Of course you should learn to play the guitar! And 22 isn’t too old at all to learn, who cares how old you are? Guitar is a good starting instrument but if you want to be a little different the ukulele is a fun stringed instrument and is very easy to pick up as well. There are lots of good books out there for both to get started with and plenty of websites too so it shouldn’t cost you too much. You can also get a perfectly decent instrument second hand if you’re not too fussy.

    Good luck!

  2. BPatFBCinOKLA said :

    Yes, yes, YES! You are not old! Find a guitar at a pawn shop, garage sale or somewhere. There’s online instructions, books at the public library, people willing to teach beginners a few things, etc. GO FOR IT!

  3. AshleyAddiction said :

    22 is not too old, my health teacher is 35 and just now learning to play guitar, so that shouldn’t be the issue. And guitar is a very fun instrument to learn to play especially if your dedicated to it. And on your first guitar don’t spend too much money because your not sure yet if you really want to play it. I would say $100-$200. I acually bought my guitar from Ebay, it a very nice guitar, and it was only $100.
    Good Luck, and Hope you have lots of fun doing it!


  4. Annie said :

    You are really young to learn guitar

    This is the web’s most popular guitar learning program

    Good Luck

  5. rob said :


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