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simple, yet tradisional christmas and thanksgiving recipe?

i need some simple yet traditional christmas and/or thanksgiving dishes. any ideas?
i need the recipie. thx

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2 Responses to “simple, yet tradisional christmas and thanksgiving recipe?”

  1. Mackenzie said:

    Tradition depends on the family.

    Roasted turkey or baked ham.

    stuffing (grab any bag; there will be an easy recipe on back).

    Yams (use canned or peel & boil fresh ones– just cook them in a casserole dish sprinkled w/butter, brown sugar, cinnamon & salt and throw them in the oven for 30 minutes).

    Cranberry sauce (throw a bag of cranberries and a cup of sugar in water, cover and cook on medium heat until they all burst).

    green bean casserole (mix fresh or frozen green beans with cream of mushroom condensed soup and crunch fried onions).

    Mashed potatoes (no explanation necessary I’m sure)

    Pies– apple, pumpkin, pecan

    sugar cookies

  2. Karen said:

    Here are some I had recently published, they are really good but easy to make! The first is Baked Apple Crisp, then the other is a sweet pumpkin bread:


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