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SitStayFetch Dog Obedience Training?

Has anyone used SitStayFetch dog obedience training? What do you think about it?

My JRT pup is doing a great job learning new things, but there are some areas where we could use some help.

I keep reading these glowing reviews about it, but I just feel skeptical.

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4 Responses to “SitStayFetch Dog Obedience Training?”

  1. Mike B said :

    I watched your link, and it looks okay. If you have specific questions how to learn a dog certain things, ask them, and I’ll try to answer them as good as I can.


  2. Misa M said :

    I’m a much bigger fan of going to a trainer in person. There is so much information available for free online:
    and discussion groups, too:

    It seems that it’d be more productive to go and learn by watching. Timing and placement of the reinforcer are 2 huge stumbling blocks that most people have, and the way to learn how to improve these things is by watching a pro, not from reading online. Good luck!

  3. learning curve said :

    I agree with Misa – I wouldn’t pay for anything like this. Go to some free online sites – I truly doubt this guy has any “secrets” that are not commonly available for free. I also second going to some kind of in person classes. Much easier to learn proper technique and ask questions if necessary. A good trainer will teach YOU how to work with your dog and will correct any errors in technique. best.

  4. Rachal961 said :

    I personally like training classes better for several reasons- 1) the trainer is there to correct you if you are doing something wrong right away 2) you can also ask questions, which you can’t do with a book, website, or video 3) the socialization is great for the dog- they get to be around other dogs and other people. I have taken several dogs through puppy class, level 1 and level 2 training classes, so I could probably do it solo by now, but my dogs love going, the socialization is great, and the fact that we have paid for a class, keeps us working at it on a regular basis and doing our homework! I have read several training books, and implement those things as well. I just finished Jan Fenell’s Dog Listener, I have read the first Cesar Millan book, and I am currently re-reading the Volhard Dog Training for Dummies- it’s great and covers everything from basic to competitive obedience training, as well as teaching your dog tricks, whereas the dog whisperer and dog listener books are more focused on establishing pack order.


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