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Well I’m currently 15 years old. But my mum has been smoking for about 40 years, and she has never given up smoking, not even once!
I tried talking to and sitting her down and saying, that I really want her to stop badly, because she will get really ill. But I have never tried a cigarette before, I hate them there a waste of money! I know smoking is hard to give up, but she could just try? But she will not listen.
I think she is also getting quite ill, for example, she will not stop coughing, she keeps feeling ill and faint, she gets tired soo easy! and her she looks older and her teeth are black and rotten, and her skin is horrible, and trouble to breath. I mean I’m not trying to be horrible about her, but I care for her.
SO, Is there any advice?? I what I could do? I tried throwing her cigarettes away, but she will get really mad. And I don’t know what else to do.


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4 Responses to “Smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?”

  1. yourinnervoice said:

    If you want to help, throw them out and let her get mad. Tell her it’s high time she changed her mind for once and stuck to it.

  2. wantsshyisback said:

    Smoking is a powerful addiction. Some say it is more powerful than being addicted to heroin. Harassing her, trying to scare her, and putting her down will not work. She will only quit when she wants to, that is it. Nothing you can say or do will change her addiction.
    She is still your mother and still deserves your love and respect. I am sorry if smoking takes her out of this world, but many many people die too young who have never smoked. Encourage her to see a doctor and a dentist, but lay off of her about the smoking…It won’t do any good to keep badgering her.

  3. Daddy Bear said:

    You are absolutely correct about what she’s doing to herself but what she’s doing to you is far worse.

    3000 nonsmokers die every year from lung cancer caused by second hand smoke.

    Your mum is being very selfish about what she’s doing to you. Your mum is the worst kind of addict, she’s the kind who doesn’t want to change. The only thing you can do is keep her informed about everything she’s doing to herself & those around her. Keep on reminding her of the statistics. Google info & pictures. Keep on showing them to her.

    It’s sad I I hope that things get better for you.

    I’ve taken the liberty of googling some pages for you. Good luck.

  4. DrS said:

    not much you can do but look up lung diseases on line an show her what she is doing an you want her around,,good luck


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