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Some good ways to send cookies overseas through the postal service?

I wanted to send some cookies to my friend through the US postal service. And I was wondering if anyone had an advice on how to send them? Like packing etc.

I was planning on sending ginger, chocolate chip, and sugar cookies.

I tried doing a search but I came up with internet cookies (hahahah).

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3 Responses to “Some good ways to send cookies overseas through the postal service?”

  1. Dave C said :

    Here’s the US Postal Service website for international shipping.

    I usually use Priority Mail in the US. I would imagine you’d want to use that for your international shipment.

    General Info:
    International Priority Mail Info:

  2. H-man said :

    You will need to check the destination countries laws.
    There are some countries that have very strict rules on what food products are allowed into the country.

  3. Becky G said :

    Stacked up in a Pringles can with tissue paper in between the cookies.

  4. Roy said :

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