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Things you are not told about giving up smoking?

Why is it that you are NEVER told that when you stop smoking you will put on so much weight that your clothes will no longer fit you?
Also I now have to add that 3 meals a day of chicken fish veggies etc is hardly stuffing your face! Plus I refuse to snack I think it’s a thoroughly vile habit & spend my days running around after 2 toddlers, so no get up & exercise answers either. It’s only a question!!!

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3 Responses to “Things you are not told about giving up smoking?”

  1. Nancy Kay said:

    …first off…we all know that stopping smoking can help you put on the pounds…it’s one of the biggest excuses women give for not quitting…but you are the one stuffing the food into your face…and ultimately the only one who can control both bad habits…so why are you bellyaching…at least you can breathe now when you exercise off those extra pounds…win/win as far as I can see…

  2. kaja1640 said:

    but the money you save will let you buy new clothes!

  3. dingo1817 said:

    I think its the other way around smoking makes you lose weight, not gain it by stopping your gaining weight that smoking lost for you.


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