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Want to give up smoking?

I want to give up smoking, i have tried before but found i couldnt use the patches they made me feel funny.
I was wondering if anyone has used other methods with sucess?

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One Response to “Want to give up smoking?”

  1. Becca said:

    i found when giving up that what i missed just as much as the nicotine was the motion of putting something into my mouth, breathing it in and taking it back out. at first i walked around the house with a pen in my hand as if it were a cigarette! eventually i discovered ‘dummy cigarettes’ which contain a small amount of nicotine and allow you the satisfaction of drawing on a cigarette while you are not actually smoking. i used niccorrette inhilator (and will power). i also got a terrible cough at first which is your lungs clearing out. it has been nearly three years now and i only get mild cravings if i have had an alcoholic drink and see someone else smoking.


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