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we gave up smoking for caring guns, using hard drugs, drinking,abusing children,abusing family members,?

Well, we are doing so well we gave up smoking no one dares to light up cigarette in a fear of being prosecuted and fear that secondary smoke can kill others. What we have now we have smokers of THC, meth, drinking so much that we get DUI and some time we kill others, we abuse our signifigant other under influance, we kill if we do not get what we want BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT WE DO NOT these crimes under the influance of NICOTINE and that we are proud that we do not kill our neighboors maybe residing1000 miles ways from where is so call dangerious drug NICOTINE can be used.
NOW, it is time to give up driniking,sex will you give up now drinking alcohol , sex,cheading on your spouse , food so we all be perfect and not endenger the lives of other. Example: cheading spouse having sex with pro…..and than comming home and possible infecting their spouses with dealy STD diseas, spousal abuse and children. Since we have stop nicotine abuse/addiction.Who is making$$$ now of these

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6 Responses to “we gave up smoking for caring guns, using hard drugs, drinking,abusing children,abusing family members,?”

  1. stuffitudork said :

    WHAT THE HECK no offense but are you joking?

  2. chris m said :

    Over here guys!!! Bring the nets!!!

  3. tooblessed2doubt said :

    This is a really good point. Maybe if we stop infringing on people’s personal rights (like to smoke) they won’t infringe on other people’s rights (like to LIVE)!

  4. KaZ said :

    If you could actually type in English this would be a lot easier to read. And who do you think you are telling people to give up sex? You do realise its what prevents the human race from becoming extinct? And nicotine doesnt really affect you that much when you take it anyway. You cant just expect people to give up these things, society loves them or they wouldnt happen. Youve got serious issues. Jesus ive never seen anyone who talk more bullsh!t in all my life!!

  5. estamez said :

    all of these things are problems. some seem easier to manage than others. there is no excuse for all the things that can happen when you use the things that you have listed here. I don’t think not lighting up stops all the major problems from happening. It is just an issue now for the health of other people who choose not to smoke. People choose to do the things they do and you really can’t stop them from abusing drugs, drinking, being abusive to loved ones or even people they don’t like. As for carrying guns, well that is something that I am in agreement with. You should be able to protect your family and yourself. I don’t believe in using them to make a point or to hurt people just because you are hurt.

    Good luck with this. I hope that one day all this will stop! Take care!

  6. brianbelotti said :

    what is your point? who is making $$$ off these infringements?

    the US Government, of course. keeping drugs illegal means the Government can seize all the assets of those arrested, millions of $$ every year. if drugs were legalized the Government would only get taxes, which would not employ thousands of people like the war on drugs does.

    if the government could come up with a way to make money from sex being illegal they would IE: prostitution is illegal, they make money from the prostitutes by waiting until they have money in their pockets to seize before they are arrested.

    the industry of alcohol is too big now to stop and make illegal, besides the people would never allow it to happen, the industry employs millions of people in making, selling, transporting, and serving alcohol. if it became illegal it would have a devastating effect on the economy.


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