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What are freezer containers ?

Food storage containers are versatile; they can be used in the microwave, dishwashers, fridge or freezers. However, not all types of containers are freezer-safe. For those looking for quality containers to be used in freezers, you should look specialty containers that could withstand the cold. Here are your choices:

1) Freezer bags – Bags for freezers come in various sizes and styles. Freezer bags are designed to prevent any freezer burns whether you need to store a pint (.5 liters) or gallons (3.8 liters) of goods. Freezer bags may come in zip-top bags or those designed as ‘a bag within a bag’.

2) Rubbermaid® freezer-safe containers – All products from Rubbermaid are advertised as “freezer-safe”, including its line of disposable food containers.

3) Smart Spin® food storage – These handy and affordable food storage system hold 24 containers that are safe for freezer use in small, medium and large sizes matched with 24 lids.

4) Tupperware® – This brand has a line of freezer-safe and airtight containers in different styles, colors, shapes and sizes. Although Tupperware products may cost higher than other brands, the quality of the products have been tested to withstand years of use.

5) GladWare® – This brand offers plenty of freezer-safe containers, including plastic and disposable products, which feature interlocking lids.

Be aware that even freezer-safe containers are destructible. These products could crack when over-filled or become damaged when dropped while frozen food is still inside. As such, it is best to leave room when filling the containers, especially when liquid is stored as liquids expand when frozen. When removing food from the frozen container, thaw it first to prevent breakage.

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