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What are holiday cookies ?

Cookies make you feel warm and fuzzy, so it’s no wonder many people bake cookies during holidays. They are great as presents or for family time where kids can participate.

One of the most popular types of holiday cookie is gingerbread or sugar cookies, which can be decorated in colored sugar, frosting, jimmies and other available edible decorations to make them attractive. While cookie-cutters are available in most stores, some people find it hard to cut the cookie. Usually, this happens when the dough has not been chilled enough, making the dough stick to the cutters. Recipes are available to make sure the time needed for chilling dough and baking in the oven is followed according to produce perfect cookies.

Another popular holiday cookies are the Russian Tea Cakes or “butter balls”. When baked, these butter balls become rich in buttery flavor. Unfortunately, for those on a diet, these butter balls may hurt your diet as substituting shortening can ruin the taste of this traditional cookie recipe.

If your visitors are all adults, you can make Rum or Brandy Balls. Not only are they easy to prepare since it doesn’t require baking, these are also fun to eat as the alcohol gives a holiday spirit to those who tastes the cookies. Most recipes include powdered cocoa, crushed wafers, alcohol of choice, honey, powdered sugar and toasted almonds or walnuts. These cookies can also be prepared a few weeks earlier since the alcohol preserves the cookies, so they make perfect gifts for the holiday.

Depending on your taste, plenty of holiday cookie recipes are available for you to experiment. Macaroons, toffee bars, meringues and brownies are traditional holiday goodies, but any homemade cookies can please both young and adult eaters.

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