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What are some big tips on grilling fish?

I love fish, don’t know how to make it myself. My favorite flavor of fish is when it is grilled or bbq’d. What are some big tips on grilling it? So it won’t come apart, de-boning it, flavoring, etc. Thanks for all the suggestions and help!!

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4 Responses to “What are some big tips on grilling fish?”

  1. Kimberlee said:

    I’m not the grilling expert but I have read somewhere that the grille needs to be smokin hot and it also needs to be greased so the fish doesn’t stick. Sorry I couldn’t help more!

  2. 4thtennenbaum said:

    You can get these little crates or cages at Home Depot or Lowes. You spray with non-stick, slap the fish in the cage and lay it on the grill.

    Flippin’ good.

    I use the George Foreman though, since I no longer have a grill. I presses it together.

    A good one for that is mix Chinese mustard, parsley and honey in a pan and heat it until it’s a dense goop. Throw the salmon on the grill and pour the mixture over it top.

  3. PAULSC said:

    Another good way of grilling fish is to do it on a piece of aluminum foil, and to poke a few small holes in the foil to let any fat you are using, or that comes off the fish, drain through to make smoke for flavor. Easy cleanup afterward, too – just ball up the foil and discard it.

    For very delicate fish, you can even make “pouches” out of foil, and seal the fish and seasonings you want inside, to retain moisture and flavor. Then just grill the foil pouches a few minutes on each side on the grill, turning once or twice. Good for small fresh water fish like blue gill, sun fish, perch, etc.

  4. Blackwidow said:

    Tin Foil! Tin Foil! Tin Foil! You can just throw it away when you are done, very little clean up required! And the bags of frozen are pretty good. I usually buy Tilapia fillets. Not expensive. And they are already de-boned!


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