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What are some good websites for easy recipes to be made in less than an hour?

I dont have much time, so it’ll be a huge help to find some easy-to-cook recipes in short times…….

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8 Responses to “What are some good websites for easy recipes to be made in less than an hour?”

  1. RAVEN said :

    over 1000 30 minute recipes

    20 minute recipes

    i love both these sites when i want something tasty, different and quick

  2. Wer Hh said :

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  3. Joe H said :
  4. Rhodes said :
  5. Joanne A. said :

    I cook fast meals all the time. Go to your supermarket, go to the refrigerated (not freezer) department…there you will find sealed packages of pre-cooked meats of all types such as pot-roasts, meatloaf, pork chops, chicken, baked ham and etc. Follow the directions on the packages for microwave heating.

    Ask a clerk to help you find these pre-cooked meats.

    For side dishes…canned veggies, canned potatoes, canned sweet potatoes, canned beans, canned beets, and etc.

    There are also bags of frozen cooked vegetables.

    The supermarket’s bakery has lots of pies and cakes. But you can also buy frozen pies and cakes. Follow the directions on the packages.

    We keep a week’s worth of “top brand” frozen dinners in our freezer. You will find these in the freezer department at the supermarket. You can add veggies, salads, potatoes and etc. to these to make a good healthy meal. Canned veggies, sweet potatoes, and beans are good too.

    The bagged salad greens are very good. Buy the pre-washed greens. Check out the date, it is only good for a few days. Don’t forget to buy salad dressings.

    The supermarket’s deli has great all ready cooked foods and side dishes. Their rotisserie/roasted chickens are very good. Check them out. Much cooler than cooking and give you a break from fast food places.

  6. Hayden Waltson said :

    If you looking for easy recipes, you should go to as it is a food dictionary website that allows browsers find all different types of recipes in just a min! Simply go to something you want to eat, and you can see there are many different recipes you can choose from!!

    This is the site I love to search for all different recipes for my dinner! Hope this helps!

  7. Bigbears Wife said :
  8. Sharon said :

    Read this article. It explains the ins and outs of 3 great recipe websites and what makes them great!


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