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What are some really nasty foods that would be good for a fear factor game?

Stuff that you would throw together in a little bowl and it would make you throw up?

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13 Responses to “What are some really nasty foods that would be good for a fear factor game?”

  1. fisher28 said :

    Limburger Cheese

  2. ♥☆Mrs. Rose☆♥ said :

    Mayo mixed with peanut butter

    Pickles in milk

    And a yummy snack that looks like puke is salsa and cream cheese mixed together. It’s so good but it looks disgusting.

  3. NiNja* said :


  4. HotStuff--♥ said :

    rat pie, dog soup, baby poo sandwich, frogs heads with pasta, rabbit eyes on toast, grilled kittens, steak and human kidney pie, ect ect ect

  5. Tom ツ said :

    Lima beans!

  6. :becca! said :

    may-yo, pickle juice, ketchup, a cow testicle, rotten milk, a dead rat, and some urine.
    mix it all up and enjoy 🙂

  7. Julie H said :

    Go to your butcher’s and ask them the same question. Im sure they will be able to give you a few eyeballs or testicles or some cullinary delights!!!! Have fun! 😉

  8. Kasia said :

    hot sauce

  9. Cross&Converse said :

    pickled hearing

  10. BlueyCheese said :

    Jellyfish and olive oil. It actually tastes really good.

  11. Andrea said :

    oreos with ketchup and dog food.i tried it on my cousin, he threw up.

  12. Karla said :

    1. worm spaguetti with spoiled tomato sauce and top it with some maggets on top lol

    2. a glass of milk fat (u know when u leave milk to rot the top part or the bottom water-clor part)

    3. crickets (delicasy in Mexico)

    4. ice cream scoop cover with ants (ike the chocolte banana? but ants)

    5. someones pee (preff warm)

    6. raw cow tongue

    ummm hope it hepls lol

  13. CharlieLionel said :

    Chocolate covered gummy worms. Don’t tell them they are gummy…let them be surprised.

    Cottage cheese with ketchup in it (Just imagine how it looks)

    Sour kraut

    Liver pate (The stuff you put on those little crunchy toasts at restaurants)

    Chicken gizzards (I actually like these, but most people don’t)


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