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What are the best online resources on buying a coffee machine?

My current coffee machine works well but it’s stained and looks yucky so I need a new one. I need to find sites that have reviews of coffee machines and also sites where I can find the machine I want for cheap.. lol


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2 Responses to “What are the best online resources on buying a coffee machine?”

  1. Been There~Done That! said :

    Go through

    They offer free coffee pots with an order of their coffee. Good coffee and many flavors to choose from. We have been using ours now for years without it skipping a beat. Plus it has a clock and you can set it to brew when you want.

    Right now they have a 12 cup stainless steel coffee maker free for trying their coffee. Once you get ti and you choose not to order more cancle your subscription with them.

  2. drrrty rockstar said :

    Just get a cheap black coffee pot and run water mixed with bleach through it about once a week… It seems to keep mine looking new =P

    Good luck.


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