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What are the health benefits of green tea?

I’ve been drinking it a lot lately, and I know it has antioxidents in it and some beneficial vitamins, but does anyone know what this helps with?

Also, I’ve heard it speeds up your metabolism, but if I drink like one bottle of Arizona green tea a day will this really have an effect on my metabolism at all? I don’t really need a faster one, because I’m super tiny and have a good metabolism as it is..but I do love the stuff!
lol I don’t need a weight loss system. I weigh 98 lbs..

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One Response to “What are the health benefits of green tea?”

  1. rowdysunsetart said :

    green tea is an anti cancer agent, it also boosts your metabolism but you are drinking a brand that is really not that much tea compared to sugar and has preservatives in it if I remember right…which defeats the teas purpose. Green tea also pulls out poisons from the body, It would work better if you drank the real green tea and sweetened it with only honey…the more natural the better…hope it helps


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