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What are the sauces that are commonly served with Hibachi?

I love the creamy sauce that they usually serve at Japanese places with their Hibachi. I believe they also use it when making their fried rice, and am curious as to what it is called and if it’s possible to make it. Thank you.
Right, I know at the Hibachi place here, they commonly put the creamy seafood sauce into their fried rice as they are making it. I was wondering exactly what it was called so I could look it up. I assume then all places do it differently?

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One Response to “What are the sauces that are commonly served with Hibachi?”

  1. Theresa said :

    What chefs use on the grills is teriyaki sauce but I don’t think its creamy. There is seafood sauce and steak sauce too.
    The seafood is a yellow creamy sauce and the steak sauce has a brown color to it.


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