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What benefits will i get from giving up smoking?

Im planning on giving up smoking, i am 21 years old
Can anyone name some benefits i will have by making the switch from smoker to none smoker

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7 Responses to “What benefits will i get from giving up smoking?”

  1. kavi said:

    You could outrun all the smokers in case of fire!

  2. Akash S said:

    there are lots of benefits:
    first of all u don’t die of mouth or lung cancer
    your stamina increases
    u don’t need to depend on any thing under tension or emotional things
    u save environment

  3. •• TONY •• said:

    If you need to ask us for benefits, I guess you aren’t really ready to give up yet.
    Go to your local doctor’s or health clinic. There is information and brochures in abundance there, giving lists of all the illnesses that can be avoided by not smoking.
    There are also the financial gain from not wasting money on your habit, plus a lack of the stench of smoke on your body and clothes. Girls that are non-smokers will be more inclined to enjoy kissing you.

  4. Ash said:

    20 minutes- When you smoke, your blood pressure level rises. With-in 20 minutes, it will go back to normal.
    8 Hours- Your oxygen levels go back to normal and the carbon monoxide will reduce its levels by half.
    2 days- The nicotine is gone. You have less chances of having a heart attack. You can taste and smell better!
    3 days- Your energy levels rise.
    2 weeks- Circulation increases and continues to get better for about 10 weeks.
    3 to 9 months- Lung capacity improves by 10 percent and all coughing, wheezing and breathing problems will be gone.
    1 year- Risk of a heart attack has lowered by a half.
    5 years- You have as much chance of having a stroke as a non-smoker. A lot less!
    10 years- You have as much chance of having lung cancer as a non-smoker.
    15 years- You have as much chance of having a heart attack a non-smoker.

    This is what I wrote in my smoking assignment for school 🙂 Good on you for wanting to give up smoking!

  5. livewire9 said:

    you might live longer for one…


    Financial security, prevention of after meal craving, thus saves a lot of time, managing yourself, and doing profitable activities

  7. Bob M said:

    No point in going on about health benefits, I’m sure you know them as well as anyone.

    But there is the other side, where smoking inhibits your life. Avoiding things where you would not be able to pop out for a smoke for a long period. Dreading a long bus journey or flight, avoiding traveling in other people’s cars because you wont be able to light up. Avoiding going to a friend or family home where nipping out for a smoke is difficult or awkward.

    There are the times when a neice or nephew come up to you just after a smoke and want a hug and you suddenly are very aware of the smell, then you see it on their faces, they don’t say it, they just look with a very honest face and then move off your knee to do other things. No mind reader is needed, you know yourself that child moved away from you because of the smell.

    Smokers are usually unaware that that smell remains on their clothes, even after washing. It takes a few washes for it to wear off, everyone else can smell it. But there are times when you know they can smell it, you feel dirty.

    Teeth, you have to work hard to keep your teeth white, have to buy the special toothpaste, the sort of toothpaste that is abrasive, you know that and you don’t like the idea, but it’s the only toothpaste able to fight this particular battle. But still, your teeth are slowly but surely changing colour. Then you see a picture from a family BBQ, an unexpected close up, and you are surprised by the colour, they didn’t look that yellow or ginger in the mirror, but the camera shows the colour that it saw, the same colour everyone else in the room sees every time they see you.

    There, now that I have depressed you a bit, sorry, to the non smoking. Hardest thing you will do. It seems a mountain to climb, how long does it take, will I need to stock up on sweets and all the other questions we ask.

    Well actually it only takes about a week. You see the brain does what it is told to do and also anticipates your desires. So when you stop smoking you are teaching your brain that you no longer want this, once it gets the message it will help you to not want it. But nature doesn’t like a vacuum, so you need to fill the space with something else. Personally I would say get to the gym and work, daily, harder than you have worked in your life. Push them weights hard.

    Afterwards you will be cooling down and the brain will ask if you fancy a smoke, shake your head and say ‘no’. By shake I mean, shake that thought out of there vigorously (hopefully in private). It wont be long before your brain stops offering that one and instead offers something else, wait until it offers what you want. It will learn.


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