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What can I do to keep my chocolate chips cookies from being flat?

I follow the recipe perfectly, and still everytime I make chocolate chips cookies, they flatten out when I cook them. Help!

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10 Responses to “What can I do to keep my chocolate chips cookies from being flat?”

  1. AlwaysOverPack said :

    I assume you are using all butter, use half shortening and add just a little more flour.

    fat causes spreading butter more so and shortening less so.

  2. Tissa said :


  3. buster b said :

    I love the flat ones. If they are a little soft in the middle keep it up, You’re doing great!

  4. chef411 said :

    They flatten out because your oven might get to hot. Even though it says 350 degrees or what ever it might be hotter then that. This is common even in new ovens. All you can do is make them smaller. I DONT recomend you lowering the baking temp because this can raise the risk of salimenella poison. Still set it at the reccomended temp. and make them smaller.

  5. sally_little03 said :

    Look for a recipe that takes baking soda or baking powder or even cake flour. These will not make them flat.

  6. Dee C said :

    You may need to buy some fresh baking soda. Sometimes the baking soda gets old and they won’t “rise”.

  7. fantasy_angel120 said :

    they may need a lower heat temp depending on the heat that u get if its gas or electric and you might need to add more baking soda or baking powder

  8. SayWhat? said :

    you’re getting all the right answers: a tad more flour, shortening and butter, never magarine; fresh soda!

  9. Nisey said :

    You have good answers. My only contribution is that sometimes overbeating the eggs, sugar, butters will cause them to get flat when you bake them. Try adding more flour and beating less would be what I would try first. Happy Baking!

  10. Cheryl C said :

    Try using an ice cream scoop to scoop your batter onto your sheets. Don’t bake them any higher than 350. Changing your ingredients shouldnt make a difference. Also try rotating the cookies sheets half way through the cooking process. Works every time for me!


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