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What do visitors to Britain think of its ethnic cuisine?

I don’t really know any UK dishes, except cod and chips, shepherds pie, and beef wellington, but that was taken from France. And it has some famous ales, and cider.

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3 Responses to “What do visitors to Britain think of its ethnic cuisine?”

  1. The Unknown Chef said:

    Being from Canada and a former chef myself I like it, now we have alot of the same here, but the Brits like it more open and convenient, I go there to visit a few former chef mates and stay in London and Liverpool, I am use to it and like the variety, as I live in Toronto and we have everything from Afghan to Zambian cuisine here, I try to find hidden gems and see what they offer.

  2. Jake Ching Jr. said:

    try haggis, gefilte fish, pigs snout, paté !!!

  3. Laura said:

    It is vastly improved! British food is better than it’s ever been. They take a lot more care with it than they used to and have adopted a lot of foods from other countries, making them their own – that has helped a lot. Britain was economically depressed for so long food that food in the UK was a thing more for sustenance and survival, not so much for pleasure.

    Traditionally Brits eat meat pies (pasty), pot pies, shepards pie, fish and chips, salmon (poached or steamed), lamb & mutton, and roast meats (pork, chicken, beef and lamb et al), ham, sausages, gravy’s and a lot of potatoes and other native grown vegetables. Heavy on the peas and carrots! Dairy is very big there with wonderful native fresh cheeses that are so delicious, Americans have no experience with this as our cheeses are HORRIBLE in comparison. If you tasted real cheddar from Cheddar England, the only thing that would be familiar to you would be the color!
    Brits also eat a lot of dessert snacks, cakes and pastries served with that gorgeous cream, so rich it is golden in color.

    These days their are far more imported foods -and recipes. The national dish is Indian curry. That is a consequence of so many Brits living and working in India & bringing the spices home upon retirement. Later there was a large amount of east Indians who emigrated to Britain likewise bringing their foods. There are alo a lot of Muslims now in GB so Arabic foods are now far more prevelant.


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