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what does it mean to combine ingredients in a food recipe?

by combing does it mean i should use an electric mixer, a wooden spoon, spatula? and how long should i stir?

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6 Responses to “what does it mean to combine ingredients in a food recipe?”

  1. kathryn o said:

    use a fork

  2. said:

    Just stir them all together friend. any whichaway you choose

  3. LISA B said:

    Mixing by whichever means you want!!

  4. Kuya's Kitchen said:

    Usually the recipe says. If not, electric mixer is usually safe.

    Stir until the ingredients are mixed relatively well. Normally, you don’t want to mix too long as this makes things tough.

  5. arihtaa said:

    Mix with any meas but in such a way that all the ingredients are not differentiable from one another.
    I dont think the means are important

  6. waterlover said:

    combine means to put them together in a bowl.You than mix them together. Easy!


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