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What does it mean when you drink a ton of alcohol and still do not get a good buzz???

I drank a 6 pack of bud light, a pitcher of margarita, a pitcher of strawberry daiquiri, and a pitcher of red snapper and then a few more beers. After all of that I gave up. All, I was wanting was a nice little buzz and I didn’t get s**t. I don’t have a drinking problem. I don’t drink daily or anything like that. Oh, and the pitchers of frozen drinks-well, I didn’t go light on the liquor in them. Does that mean I am really stressed or something?

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14 Responses to “What does it mean when you drink a ton of alcohol and still do not get a good buzz???”

  1. shemygo said :

    maybe something is wrong with ur immune system or the sh$$ u had 2 drink was jus not it

  2. M 1 A . said :

    your liver is screaming for some help!!!

  3. shop2early said :

    After drinking all of that, you should have gotten more than a buzz, you should have gotten sick. It makes, me want to throw up just reading about it.

  4. Downriver Dave said :

    Means that you’re Irish. Us Irish look at that drink menu you listed and call that a good start!

    By the way…wanna go out?

  5. Angie said :

    Well, it could be caused by a couple things. Do you normally have a high tolerance for alcohol? Did you have a full stomach? We need more information.

    Similarly, sometimes it takes me a lot more alcohol to get a good buzz. It’s just one of those things.

  6. Ravin said :

    a tiny precentage of society alcohol has limited to no effects. if this happens you could be part of this group of people

  7. π said :

    If you drink alot, I would say your body has become resistant to the alcohol’s effect on your mental processes…but if not, you might be naturally less susceptable to it’s effects. However, just because you dont feel it mentally does not mean it has no effect on you physically- its still not good for you.

  8. Vanessa said :

    I don’t think stress has anything to do with it. Theres plenty of people who drink because they’re stressed and would get drunk with all of that you had to drink!
    Maybe you’re just used to drinking so much that alcohol doesn’t have the same effect on you.
    Lol maybe you were drinking some of that non-alcoholic beer!

  9. mopar power said :

    All the above answers are wrong,especialy the one about your liver screeming for liver is in great shape and able to purify every toxin ingested,so thats a good sign,im 34yrs old and i’m an alcoholic unfortunitly,and i’m in the last stage of sirocise of my liver,thats why i get messed up fast cause mine cant keep up like yours,cause yours is good mine is shot.

  10. Vince V said :

    You are a heavyweight with a very high tolerance to alcohol.

    Buy more liquor.

  11. Bromeliad said :

    OMG! It means that you’re a drunken bragger who can get the key in the lock of your place, barely get through the door and still hit the proper keys on your keyboard!

  12. Logic316 said :

    It simply means that you’re extremely bored, and that you have a good tolerance level. Basically, if you aren’t in a good mood when you start drinking, you’re not going to be in a good mood when you finish either.

  13. FiestyCat said :

    good god just reading this makes me drunk!!

  14. TE said :

    Ya It’s because you are stressed and we both know that, You were buzzed but you have to much on your mind to realize that, Sorta like when I leave a bar riding a healthy buzz and I run into a cop, Feels like I’m instantly sober….


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