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What energy drinks are good for you to drink on a daily basis?

I drive all day and lose my energy, I want to have a drink that is healthy and has vitamins and gives me energy, any suggestions?

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12 Responses to “What energy drinks are good for you to drink on a daily basis?”

  1. IntenseBunny said :

    No “energy drink” is good for you if it has overloads of sugar and caffeine. Go for something better… Like V8 perhaps? You won’t get the same boost but it still helps

  2. Emily said :

    WATER 🙂

  3. ♥ Chloe ♥ said :

    Well all energy drinks contains mounts of sugar and will just give you a quick boost of power, try making things yourself and experimenting.

  4. Gayeth said :


  5. CYNTHIA said :

    You need to look at your diet exercise routine. Supplementing with high sugar drinks will lead to obesety

  6. barbara said :

    If you just must have some caffeine and sugar, I would suggest a thermos of green tea brewed at home and sweetened with sugar or honey. That will avoid the excessive caffeine, HFCS and chemicals found in prepared drinks and provide beneficial antioxidants as well.
    Otherwise, water and the occasional fruit or veggie drink for energy are good suggestions. Dehydration slows the metabolism and causes daytime fatigue. You need 1/2 your body weight in nonalcoholic fluids everyday.

  7. Brian said :

    Green tea.

    That’s about it. None of the bottled/canned energy drinks are good for you on a daily basis. 5-hour is probably the least bad for you since it doesn’t have all the sugar. Any of the big can drinks are loaded with sugar.

    If you’re feeling low on energy every day, you need to change your diet.

  8. Juan said :

    Yesterday I drove about 8 hrs, I was so tired, so i bought a shot of 5-Hour energy !!!!
    it has no sugar !!!! its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it really works

  9. rupan said :

    If you are talking about something with caffeine in it, then none of them. They have a lot of vitamins, but caffeine is really bad for you. Try taking a vitamin every morning, possible something with extra vitamin B as that will give you more energy. Try to avoid foods with lots of sugar and carbs as it will actually make you feel tired more often (stick to high protein foods when on the road for more sustained energy).

  10. Brendan N said :

    I have a Healthy Chocolate and Energy Drink business. No caffeine, No artificial sweeteners, No processed sugars…

    if you would like to learn more visit… and check out our energy drink under “products”

    Hope this helps!

  11. berkutovba said :
  12. lubninpaveli said :


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