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What food to bring to someone whos loved one passed away?

We’re going to visit a dear friend whos daughter just passed away. I know people sometimes bring food so that they don’t have to worry about fixing meals. Any suggestions?
Also – should I bring the dish already cooked or should I leave it with baking directions so they can bake it when they want to eat it (for example a casserole)?

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10 Responses to “What food to bring to someone whos loved one passed away?”

  1. Poopy Pants said :

    Some comfort food for sure- homemade mac-n’cheese, baked spaghetti, maybe some pigs in the blanket, something that is pretty hearty and not particularly good for you.

  2. kaydid said :

    casseroles or pies or cakes anything they will appreciate it

  3. kohl1974 said :

    A casserole is always nice or anything that can be eaten without additional sides. A dish that is a all-in-one meal.

  4. Tammy W said :

    A sandwich tray, fruit tray, is always nice- they can pull it out to feed friends and family- it is quick for them.

  5. Manda J said :

    Meat Tray/Rolls
    Plastic Cups/Plates/Silverware/Napkins
    Bagels/Cream cheese
    Pretzel Snack mix

    I would bring the casserole un-baked so that they can either throw it in the freezer for a later date or whenever is best for them!

  6. Me Want Cookie! said :

    some sort of cake

  7. chefgrille said :

    As someone who’s lost a lot of close relatives, definitely take a casserole. It seems to be the norm. Just not lasagna, I once had 5 lasagnas to deal with, everyone makes lasagna. I would bake it first. You don’t know if they’ll eat it in a couple days or freeze it. As an added touch, get some glad-ware and portion it up for them and label it. Easy to reheat in the microwave or pop in the freezer. Then your friend doesn’t have to stress about returning all the dishes they’ll be getting.

  8. ☠Pretty Poison☠ said :

    baked ham

  9. dave said :

    It amde me puke

  10. Zach Shepherd said :

    My wife suggested maybe something that has baking instructions as they are able to make it whenever they feel like eating. Here are a few links to some sites that have good make-ahead freezer meals:
    Not sure if you have ever used Food Tidings ( before, it is a free online web tool where people can organize a meal schedule for loved one’s in difficult situations like this and invite friends and family to sign up on different dates to bring meals. It makes it really easy.


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