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What happens if you drink a monster and 5 hour energy in the morning?

Can I like die or something? Is it like really dangerous to do that?
How long would I be hyper for? Would I act too crazy?

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6 Responses to “What happens if you drink a monster and 5 hour energy in the morning?”

  1. all confused said :

    It just depends on your body but i did that once but with just three 5 hour energy and it gave me a massive headache 2 hours later and diarrhea… so good luck with that

  2. beast said :

    depends on the the size of the monster just text me and illt alk to you and you cana sk me any related questions

  3. Claude B said :

    All those who use that kind stuff will be having to live with different heart conditions later on . Then it might be to late to rewind.

  4. Can you mend my broken heart? said :

    YOU WILL GO CRAZY 🙂 lol no dont do it i had to go to the doctor because i drank an amp ( really weak energy drink) and my mom didnt allow me to ( i didnt know why back then) and ya know when your parent says no it just makes it more fun, and it made my heart beat WAY too fast and i passed out and my mom was freaked out and my sister ratted me out ( my sister told me the hole story when i woke up ) but it depends on you i guess but i wouldnt do it. I was grounded for weeks after i got back from the doctor. I WILL NEVER DRINK ENERGY DRINKS AGAIN!! only coke for me 🙂

  5. All are welcome in Middletown. said :

    Your thirst will be gone, nothing more.

  6. Frankie the Rott said :

    you will have to pee

    and you may have excessive amounts of energy


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