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What happens if you have to open the oven when a cake is baking?

This happens to be a heavy fruitcake being baked at 300 degrees for 3 hours. I smelled a spill and opened the oven after 1/2 hour.I know it is a no no,but I put foil under the spring form pan. I know better as I have made this cake every year for a long time and hopefully since it is a heavy cake the damage won’t be as bad. What do you think?

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6 Responses to “What happens if you have to open the oven when a cake is baking?”

  1. Mr. Smartypants said:

    A heavy cake like that, you’re right, it’s not as likely to fall.

    But just as a general rule, you want to open the door as little as possible, partly because it causes the temperature to fall and come back up again slowly, and partly because the mechanical jolt of the door closing can make a cake fall.

  2. Happiest in the kitchen. said:

    You can open the door when a refular cake is baking,

    Make it as wuick as possible, and gently shut the door. It may take a few minute longer since the temp dripped while the oven was opened up.

  3. Elisabeth said:

    It will be fine! You want to try to keep the door closed as much as possible, but opening it once or twice is really ok!

  4. C.R. said:

    With my cake baking experience, your cake should be just fine, especially with the foil around it since the foil should be keeping the heat at the perfect amount for it. Everything will be just fine, most likely the way you planned it to be (:

  5. ckngbbbls said:

    nothing happens.
    Back in the old days, we were always told to not slam the oven door or jump around in the kitchen or ‘the cake will fall’ but that had to do with the leavening that was available at the time.

  6. ranebo1000 said:

    As long as you didn’t leave the door standing wide open and drop the temp a few hundred degrees, I think you’re ok. It’s not a rising cake.


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