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What is a cookie cutter ?

One of the necessary tools that a baker should have is a cookie cutter. Cookie cutters are tools used for cutting cookie dough and come with wide varieties of sizes and shapes. Whether you are baking cookies for Christmas or your friend’s baby shower, there are available cookie cutters that will definitely fit your needs. You find cookie cutters in almost everywhere where kitchen tools are available.

There are three kinds of cookie cutter, one made of plastic and the other made from metal that are normally used for cutting flat cookies, and the 3D cookie cutter. Plastic cookie cutters are normally affordable if you are on a tight budget. You can get plastic cookie cutters individually or in sets the goes with varieties of designs.

Although metal cookie cutters are more expensive than the ones made from plastic, it is actually the most practical choice for professional bakers or if you are serious about baking. Made from either copper or stainless steel, Metal cookie cutters are rust-free and very much sturdy, and, it can be a great baking equipment to display in your kitchen.

3D cookie cutters allow you to create cookies that can also serve as table centerpiece. If you want to make a cookie using a 3D cookie cutter, you must make several pieces and use a thick frosting as adhesive to assemble the part together. This process may take some time but the result is very impressive and rewarding.

Whatever the type of cookie cutter you use to make your cookie, it is still best to develop a good baking technique if you want to have your cookies tasting like the one sold in stores. Delicious cookies starts from the dough, you should have a stiff with exact thickness for heat to reach even the inside part without burning the outside layer. A good tasting cookie recipe is the first thing to master before you add your decoration to make it more enticing.

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