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What is considered as junk food?

I am planning to stop eating some junk food for a while. I get confused what’s junk food. I know hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, cookies, sodas, candies, foods at fast food restaurants, and french fries are junk food. There are plenty more. Can you list foods that you know are considered as junk food? please and thank you for the help.

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15 Responses to “What is considered as junk food?”

  1. Michelle said :

    starbucks drinks, if you get the right ones, it is ok.

  2. jordan-english e said :

    basically anything with a lot of fat,carbs, and salt. thats what is considered junk food.

  3. Psychosis said :

    beer chocolates anything with sugar

  4. Spotted Zebra said :

    Look at the fat content on the packaging.
    If it is higher than 30%, it is generally better to avoid it. (Just a guidline)

  5. christie said :

    the easiest way to skip the junk is to skip the inside isles of a grocery store. I would remove from that list only natural peanut butter, whole-grain cereal, and whole grain bread with no added sugars.

  6. SuzyBelle04 said :

    anything that is refined, or not in its natural state. processed foods, candy, snack foods, chocolate bars, sweets, etc.

  7. Jimmy Dean said :

    use the food pyramid

    look at food labels. if anything is more than 25% of your daily intake, then dont eat it (be sure to look at serving sizes 2)

  8. godffrey a said :

    any food with empty carbs

  9. Mary said :

    Foods with table sugar, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats and fried foods are normally considered junk foods. Some people regard meats with high amounts of saturated fat as junk food (beef and pork primarily).

    Not junk food: Grilled poultry, fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads, rice and pasta, skim milk

  10. katie d said :

    just think that anything that isn’t vegetables and not fresh from the market is junk. that is easier.Eat fresh Fruit. Eat fresh vegetables that are steamed. cut back on red meat, no fried foods, and cut back on the bread. and cut back on pasta. eat salads, fish, chicken. don’t eat food that comes in plastic wrappers. thats a clue! no donuts! use your brain!

  11. mingming said :

    lucky charms
    those types of cereil
    chips of all sort
    foods with sugar
    …you get the point.

  12. Nurse V said :

    any processed fast foods basically want to cut the junk think fresh foods that you cook or eat as is like fruit vegetables fresh meat cook on the grill or broiled boiled not deep fried! Whole grains non white flour ! oh there are so many things to advoid! but wonderful things to replace them with try looking up South beach diet! That will help

  13. alex m said :

    hey man chips and cookies arent really fast food

    its kinda like whatever has a drive food

    i gave up fast food but like lets say you order like a steak taco
    its healthy and its not like proseced meat so like its not really fast food

  14. goldenplate2007 said :

    pizza, calzone, baked ziti, spaghetti, macaroni & cheese, candy, chocolate, potato chips, carnival food like cotton candy and popcorn, pretzels, cheesedoodles, kit kat and hersheys bars, ice cream, cake, muffins, bagels, cupcakes, pudding, jello, yogurt, cheese, cheeseburgers, french fries, etc….

  15. always right said :

    anything that kids want the momma or pap to buy at the store in the food sextion


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