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What is dog obedience training like?

please, only people that have been in it please. ive always imagined it like that scene in the first harry potter movie where their teaching them to ride their brooms and their all tryin to pick up their brooms lol so wat is it like?

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3 Responses to “What is dog obedience training like?”

  1. Brandon said:

    If the trainer is good, it is very organized to keep everybody doing the exercizes and learn new ones.

    It is very intense, hard work for the handlers and dogs, with breaks so that everybody has fun and the dogs do not get too tired.

    A good trainer will let you come to watch. Don’t sign up without doing this – different trainers train in different ways and you really need to trust and agree with the training methods otherwise you will not get anything out of the class.

    Also understand that the main reason for the classes is to teach you how to train your dog, not to actually do much training during class.

  2. Beverly said:

    It was a long time ago when I took our husky to an obedience class so the classes may be a little different nowadays. As I remember, it was a small group that met weekly and the first thing we were taught was the proper way to but a choke collar on the dog. Then we progressed to the come and sit commands. The stay command was next. Since that time, I have used a VHS tape to refresh my memory when I had to train my lab. Fortunately, I started with her as a puppy instead of a full grown dog, so it was very easy to train her. I imagine that the commands are still taught pretty much in that order. Some libraries have tapes and dvds for training dogs if you can’t afford to pay for lessons. For me it was a matter of convenience. I would have had to travel 30 to 50 miles away for lessons.

  3. Eleanor F said:

    It is a fun time to bond with your dog. It is a lot of doing the same thing over and over. Mostly teaching you how to train your dog. You should get a lot of different ideas on how to do the same thing. Different dogs learn different ways. I had never thought of it like Harry Potter movie but I guess that is a good choice of what it can be like.


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