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What is harder to give up, smoking or Y/A?

I think I would be lost without either one!! lol

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28 Responses to “What is harder to give up, smoking or Y/A?”

  1. Whatsername said :

    prolly smoking.

  2. Melissa . said :

    Never smoked so… Y/A

  3. Analyst said :

    I’m not a smoker.
    And yes, YA is hard to give up.

  4. TEDDY said :

    I think smoking!

  5. Sa_San said :

    I would say Y/A because I don’t smoke.

  6. peaches6 said :


  7. kiki51596 said :

    im not a smoker so y/a but u should give up smoking its really bad 4 u and the people around u

  8. simply katie. said :

    yahoo answers for me because i’ve never smoked before.

  9. Kera L said :

    I think Y! lol Even though I don’t smoke.
    But then it depends on how long you’ve been smoking for.

  10. Queen of Sarcasm.® said :

    I never smoked anything in my life,so Y!A.

  11. slklein1957 said :

    I gave up smoking, but I am still addicted to YA.

  12. Save Darfur said :

    I don’t smoke, but I’d still have to say smoking.

  13. Demetrius Bianchi said :

    I’ll die without Answers. 🙂

  14. heidi9055 said :

    I say smoking since I don’t smoke.

  15. femaletexas1990 said :

    smoking deff. i go on on answers 1 to 5 times a month

  16. laurabird said :


  17. Dr. Demonica ™² said :


  18. llamma2006 said :

    Smoking but I have been smoking longer than Y/A so give me some time and it might be a toss up.

  19. The Notorious G.I.R.L. said :

    YA because I don’t smoke! ;p

  20. ~*MISSCYRAN*~ said :

    smoking, definety. and you cant live without Y/A!? im sorry, but that is sad. you should try to see how long you can go without it. and if you go a week, give yourself a cookie.

  21. shellpower67 said :

    Definately smoking, as I am trying to give up smoking now and it’s so hard. I can’t go a day without smoking, whereas I can go more than a day wthout Y/A!!

  22. Pepe LePue said :

    I think I would be lost without either one!! lol

  23. Randy S said :

    I wouldn’t want you to give up either. I like to have a HOT SMOKIN’ Y/A’er here. You make my day!

  24. Mistress Of Darkness said :


  25. Ben Dover said :

    I dont smoke and what is Y/A…

  26. ~Little Andrew~. said :

    For somebody with a strong will to stop smoking is not that difficult,so i say smoking.
    But for somebody who was smoking for many yea rs if he/she stops smoking with out the will to do so,they wouldn’t be able to concentrate on Y/A,so it has to be both for a wile,i think it depends on the individual,get my drift?i for instance i only stop smoking when i had no choice.for me it would have being Y/A

  27. debbie said :

    Being totally honest, I smoke and i love answering questions..
    I would have to say The harder One to give up is Smoking .. Im trying right now.. and im struggling

  28. anime1net said :

    I’d say smoking.


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