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What is some good food to pack for a trip?

My finacee and I are planning our honeymoon, and we’re going to take a road trip up north (we’re in Florida). We decided to pack breakfast and lunch food to help save money. We’ll eat dinner out. What are some suggestions for food to pack that are inexpensive, but healthy? Can you give me some ideas? We’re planning to take a cooler so we can have cold food.
The more suggestions you have, the better….I’m looking for a variety because we’ll be gone for 8 days.

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11 Responses to “What is some good food to pack for a trip?”

  1. PAJA said :

    Make sandwiches, subs. Take juice packs, granola bars, fruit. etc

  2. jt37243 said :

    Breakfast bars, boxed juices and fruit for breakfast and you can’t go wrong with a bucket of KFC for lunch the chicken will stay perfect in the cooler and it tastes just as good cold

  3. diamond s said :

    when you are going onn a trip you can bring thing like thoses little minuattures sandwiches and apples and fruit and some chips and cookies and bring lots of water and bring some juice and that will be the most you can bring to a trip….. thanxs is diamond

  4. Kate Y said :

    Breakfast options: low fat carrot muffins (make them yourself), fresh fruit like apples and bananas that you can eat while driving, granola (you can also make this yourself, it’s cheaper and less full of junk), yogurt.

    Lunches: cut up veggies, hummus (very cheap if you make it), pita, roasted chicken pulled from the bone, peanut butter and jelly, whole grain bread, whole fruit again.

  5. tj said :

    With a cooler you can pack some fresh fruit. Watermelon, bananas, grapes.etc. They will keep a while in the cooler and they can provide nutrition and be filling as the banana is. I would bring either bottled water or some low sugar juices then to hydrate as well. IF you want other items to enjoy that are healthy take some whole wheat bread and lunch meat or peanut butter sandwiches as they provide protein.For a snack string cheese keeps well in the cooler. Eat it in strips or take a cheese spread and crackers along.

  6. Tucker said :

    Granola bars or fruit bars and a thermos full of coffee fills the bill for breakfast…and at lunch, an ice chest with sandwiches or cold fried chicken, raw vegetables, and sliced cheeses hits the spot.

    For in-between, I also like to spruce up trail mix by adding extra peanuts, M&M’s, and raisins to the bag of traditional trail mix. it’s a perfect companion for the road…not very bulky, provides energy, and delicious. Dried fruits and beef jerky are also easy to eat, non-perishable, and don’t take up too much room.

    To save cash buying drinks, which can be rather costly, consider making a gallon of iced tea or powdered sports drink to take along.

    Have fun.

  7. nitedawgs said :

    It sounds like you want the “nice dinner” but most breakfasts “on the go” are cheap and not that unhealthy for you. Set it up ahead of time where you’re going to stop somewhere in particular even if you still have a while to go. You don’t want to eat late, and if you’re spending a lot of time on the road, I would just be eating and noshing light throughout the day.

    Make up a homemade trail mix.

    Beef jerky is always something I pick up, mostly from the farmers markets or farm stand. Mozzarella cheese sticks, a few gallons of water. Cook up a chicken and some steaks at home so you can do chicken salad, chicken soup, and a steak sandwich, bring a camping stove to heat up soups or anything you might want to warm up, some of the roadsides stops can be hit and miss, some of the truck stops have outdoor seating, and you can make excursions to parks along the way if you’re not in a rush.

  8. Murray said :

    Try some of these ideas from my recipe book. All can be eaten cold and would keep in a chilly bin for a few days, but 8 ?

    Perhaps you could make something “en route”

    Frittata. Ham.

    6 eggs beaten.
    1 teaspoon oil.
    ½ cup grated cheese
    200g ham.
    Salt and freshly ground Black Pepper.
    1 table spoon of Fresh chopped parsley.

    Heat the fry pan and add oil on a low heat and add cheese, ham, tomato, salt and pepper to beaten eggs and stir in.
    Pre heat the grill.
    Pour in the egg mixture and cook for 5 minutes. Do not stir.
    To finish cooking put under the preheated grill until the top is brown.
    Serve sprinkled with the parsley.

    Orange & Lemon Pudding.

    2 Eggs.
    5 Tablespoons Sugar.
    Juice of 1 Orange and 1 Lemon.
    11/2 Dessertspoons of Gelatine.
    1 Cup Water.

    Beat egg yolks, sugar and juice together.
    Soften Gelatine in a little cold water, and fill cup to ¾ full with boiling water.
    Pour on egg yolks etc.
    Lastly add stiffly beaten egg whites.
    Beat well before putting into a wet mould.
    Put in fridge to set.

    Lemon Honey.

    500g (1lb) Sugar.
    125g (4 ozs) Butter.
    4 Eggs.
    Zest and Juice of 4 Lemons.
    Grate the yellow parts of the lemons (avoid the white pith as it is bitter), strain the juice, beat the eggs a little.
    Put all the ingredients into a double saucepan or put in a basin and stand in hot water.
    Cook slowly until thick and smooth.
    Pour into pastry shell.
    Pour some into sterilised jars whilst hot and cover when cold and use as a spread on your bread.
    You can make it more tart by adding less sugar.

    Club Sandwiches

    Take four slices of bread and spread them with butter or margarine.
    On the first slice place ham and some mustard. (Optional)
    Place the second slice of bread on top of Ham, and cover with mashed egg, seasoned with S&P.
    Place the third slice of bread on top of egg, and cover with de seeded tomato, seasoned with S&P
    Top with forth slice of bread, spread side down.
    Cut crusts fro the sides and cut into fingers.

    If possible get a loaf of caterers sliced bread.
    It is cut lengthways, instead of across, so you can make several at a time.

    Sausage Rolls.
    Flaky or Short Pastry.
    450 g tube of Sausage Meat.
    Diced Onion.
    Mix sausage meat and onion with about ½ cup of water.

    Take one sheet of pastry and lay on the filling in the centre third.
    Fold one side over and brush the other with water and press on top.
    Turn over and cut into rolls 3’’ long or cut into 3 or 4.
    Make 3 cuts on top of each roll and place on an ungreased baking sheet.
    Brush with milk and bake about 30 minutes at 215C (425F), in a pre-heated oven.

    Cheese Scones.

    3 cups Flour.
    41/2 teaspoons Baking Powder.
    ½ teaspoon of salt.
    Pinch of Cayenne Pepper.
    ½ cup Grated Cheese. (Tasty)
    1 Cup of Milk.

    Sift dry ingredient, add cheese and mix to a light dough with the milk.
    Turn out onto a floured board, knead, roll out and cut; place on an oven tray.
    Bake at 215C (425F) for 10 minutes.

  9. straight chillin' said :

    hard boiled eggs, lunchmeat, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, peanut butter and jelly, granola cereal and bars, dried fruit, fresh fruit and veggies, nuts, tuna, chick peas(you can mash them to make hummus), pita bread

  10. lizmsuart said :

    A variety pack of cereal is always good. You’ll get the selection without having to take loads of boxes. You can buy pints of milk at a local grocery with out having to worry about it spoiling. Don’t forget to take bowls and spoons though too.

    I would also say crackers and anything dry that is not going to spoil if left in the sun. Bagels, bread, dried fruits and nuts, granola bars, rice cakes, peanut butter of course, and jelly should keep well.

  11. AMY said :

    first of all congratualtions and best wishes! here are some of my ideas hope they help!


    biscuts ( you can make ahead a time and they will keep a few days i agree not as good as fresh but it works then add jelly or honey)
    dry cereal ( not my favorite but it works)
    homemade muffins ( made before you leave)
    bagels ( with your favorite cream cheeses)
    fruit ( apples and oranges can keep on trips )


    peanut butter sandwhichs ( with jelly if you like)
    chicken salad sandwhichs
    a bag of salad mix ( they sell it in the store and it keeps well)
    ants on a log ( celery with peanut butter and rasins)
    mac and cheese ( make ahead of time and will keep and tastes decent cold)


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