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What is that drink called when you see people suck a lemon after?

I see it on tele a lot. People have a shot of drink in this small glass. The drink is clear – like whisky or rum – and it is only a small shot, then the people are all in a circle and say ‘ready’ and they all down it in one, slamming the small glass on the table and immeadiately suck on a lemon slice.

What is this drink? I want to try this strange thing myself.

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14 Responses to “What is that drink called when you see people suck a lemon after?”

  1. crzy/beautfl said:


  2. Alison B said:

    Tequilla with salt and lemon.

  3. marcellahanseth said:

    its called a tequila shooter

  4. MrNiceGuy said:

    Bad Tequila
    Good tequila doesn’t need the lemon

  5. Taeya said:

    Ask the bartender for a ‘tequila shot’. Lick the salt, down the drink, and suck on the lemon after that. Cheers!

  6. Kelly K said:

    Or a lemon drop.. Cover the lemon with suger.. do a shot of Absolut Citron and then suck the lemon.. Good stuff

  7. jen42074 said:

    This is called a lemon drop. The shot is vodka. Put sugar on the back of your hand, then do the shot, then bite the lemon. Yum!

  8. chewy said:

    it is tequila, i used to drink Lot of it ,and you don’t want to go where i have on tequila. honest. car accidents, i lost my drivers license twice and that is just the few things that happened to me on tequila. put it this way when u drink tequila you my swell be ready to do Lot of bad things that bother you and you do not even remember. just a little advice from a used to be tequila drinker.

  9. tmathews27 said:

    tequila slam is the name of the shot

  10. wif_a_tude said:

    Tequila with wheels

  11. Beautiful Cloud T said:

    tequila which is readily available from Mexico. Not really that nice. You are better off drinking a ‘screw driver’ made of orange juice and vodka.

  12. ole man said:

    he said lemon so its not tequila,its probably a lemon drop,yeah,yeah some people like a lemon instead of lime but the chances of everyone having lemon multiple times is slim

  13. Problem Child said:

    Tequila shooters….Don’t do it, you will make an a** of yourself and end up praying to the porcelain god.

  14. Woman_Tamer said:

    Truly bad tequila. A good tequila like Patron Silver does not need anything else but to be chilled. Mmmm…tasty.
    Good times!!!


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