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What is the best chinese food restaurant?

I love chinese food and don’t know where to get the absolutely best chinese food is.

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11 Responses to “What is the best chinese food restaurant?”

  1. Brendan said :

    Silver Lake is gOOd Chinese food (i personal love it.)

  2. Jessica M-S said :

    usually look for the restaraunts in mini malls. They may seem sort of weird but thats where the yummy ness lurks!

  3. AznEdisonL said :

    *hong kong kitchen***** the best =)
    iron chef
    lucky garden

  4. Bailey Girl said :

    Golden Budha in Louisiana! So yummy. I went there today for dinner.

  5. R B said :

    Try the Asian Ghetto in Berkeley, just off campus. A cool little collection of Asian restaurants and you can mix and match so you are still eating with your friends. Great food and great prices.

    For something a little fancier, but lots of great Chinese food is Holly’s Mandarin in North Oakland. Excellent and really nice people too.

  6. mercywinters said :

    I would say China xD.

    But I live in Australia, so I highly doubt any of my favourite restaurants will be helfpul.

    I like the Hunan restaurants. They’re pretty tasty.

    There’s a difference in some kinds of chinese restaurants. For instance, you have the yum cha ones that mostly cater to gui los [white people] also with Chinese eating there.

    Then there are HK style cafes, not really sure how to describe them. Plus, there are different styles of foods from different provinces that you could try.

    I personally prefer the Hunan style.

  7. Jimmy d. - Floridian~`` said :

    They’re all over the USA, but I usually look for one that advertises New York Style Chinese food. It’s what we are used to and they’re even here in Florida.

  8. Chinlak said :

    Singapore, Food Court & Hawker Centre.
    So many authentic Chinese food from different ethic group which are good and very much cheaper than all restuarants.
    So come to Singapore, the Food Heaven of Asia

  9. audreyanonymous said :

    Uh… It might help if we knew where you lived.

  10. summer leaf said :

    i’m chinese girl
    why not travel to our country to eat chinese food .we have a lot of type of food .in fact i just have a i welcome you to our country .
    (maybe i have something spelling mistakes)

  11. Jolee D said :

    i dont think there is any chinese food chain anywhere . there are small restraunts and fast foods, depending on where you live. the best chain of chinese , and one of very few, is definetely, Pow Chow


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