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What is the best food cooked in the microwave, specifically?

I know, I know Pizza, burrittos, and such- but what Brand specifically is good? My kitchen is being remodelled and we are without stove or oven for the next couple of weeks. I am looking for suggestions for the best types of foods to eat. Like Michellinas Fetuchini Alfredo is great… Tell me what your favorite brand and type of food is from the microwave Thanks

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30 Responses to “What is the best food cooked in the microwave, specifically?”

  1. i_have_ya said :


  2. M L said :


  3. lil_butterfly_girlie said :

    Micro Magic Fries!

  4. hrmartinez05 said :

    Kraft Easy Mac Macaroni and Cheese!

  5. dolphin2253 said :

    My favorite thing from the microwave is that Act II Caramel Popcorn…yum!

  6. sgeorges13 said :

    Fresh vegetables….they even sell bags in the produce section that you can cut the corner of and throw in the microwave for four minutes. Lean pockets are pretty good too.

  7. A - Riv said :

    Hungry Man.

  8. Chelsea H. said :

    I like Tostito corn chips microwaved for about twenty seconds with mozzarella or Monterrey Jack cheese. Yum, yum, yum . . .

  9. drumrchick said :

    I like to make scrambled eggs. Crack one in a cereal bowl, mix it up, and heat for about 1 minute (depending on your microwave). Add cheese if desired. It comes out like a little egg patty, and you can put it on a sandwich.

  10. im18now said :

    Anything wrapped in foil

  11. Jim201 said :

    thick n hearty hambergers

  12. Alex-wine said :

    i love HOT POCKETS!!!!!
    and CHIMICHAGA BURRITOS from mission tortilla co. ( i think)

  13. Tom B said :

    the m/w works great for popcorn, and warming coffee, but thats it. all the other stuff heats unevenly, gets cold quick, or just melts too much.

  14. simon m said :

    Stouffers new flatbread sandwiches

  15. holykrikey said :

    Pasta by far. It does not change its consistency when put in the microwave

  16. Christina H said :

    Hotpockets the peporione pizza ones..

  17. tepid said :

    i don’t know the brand (i think it is lean cuisine) but they make a really good 3 cheese lasagna.

  18. puresplprix said :


  19. HP56 said :


  20. tiny1 said :

    try kraft macaroni and cheese microwaveable packs those are awesome. Michelangelos Lasagna is great!

  21. Linda said :

    I personally like the South Beach Diet (especially the pizza) and Lean Cuisine microwave meals. If you look through the frozen meal section in the grocery aisle, though, you should probably find something interesting to try.

    Good luck with remodeling!

  22. Victoria C said :

    The best food is NOT cooked in the microwave.

  23. Dr. Bugly said :

    Kraft quick mac & cheese.

  24. Cindy L said :

    BACON!! THICK SLAB NATURALLY SMOKED BACON. Put it on the special micro bacon thingy, and it makes it crisp and it’s NOT greasy as it’s not frying in it’s own grease like in a pan.

    BACON! Nothing smells better cooking on a cold rainy morning. MMMM MMMMMM!

  25. mattinfla said :

    uncle bens minute rice is really good. It is in a pouch that you squeeze then heat for 90 seconds. It comes in chicken friend rice, beef fried rice, cajun style rice, and otheres. But if you like any style of rice this is a really quick food. You can also pick up pre-cooked chicken. Can’t think of type but its cooked and sliced perfect to add to the rice, All u need is a microwave…

    There are these really good brownies too. They come in a dish that is microwave safe and all yo uhave to add is water..THERE REALLY GOOD> look for them yo uwont be disappoointed.

  26. deliwvu said :

    Totinos pizza rolls and pizzas… yummmmm havent had this kind of food in so long…… 🙁

  27. newbie said :

    Stouffer’s pot pies, the BIG 16 oz. ones. They even brown if you follow the directions. About 5000 calories each (a slight exaggeration) but hey, you’re cooking in a microwave…how healthy do you expect? And these are YUMMY.

  28. said :

    eggs, i make my version of an egg mac muffin
    scramble two eggs with a couple tablespoons of water in a bowl and put in the micro for 2mins depending on your micro. toast a English muffin, butter both sides put cheese and the egg and your good to go, you can put veggies in the egg as well i put asparagus in mine, and to make it healthier you can omit the yolks…also go to this web site scroll down he ‘s got good microwave recipes

  29. the goose that roared said :

    EGGS. try it! just put it on a plate and pop it into your microwave. dont crack it first. crack it when it comes out. it will look like an egg over Medium if you cook it for 4 minutes 30 seconds! try it!

  30. Lorrie said :

    a Microwaved Potato; It is not baked but it’s just as good, and it’s quick!


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