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what is the best way to give up smoking whether at once or gradually ?

I have been smoking for five years up to now , I just wonder if there will be any bad side effect if I do kick the bad habbit once and for all

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14 Responses to “what is the best way to give up smoking whether at once or gradually ?”

  1. hisgirl_2455 said:

    Why are you in immigration?

  2. idontkno3#=3# said:

    ther e are none that i know of

  3. Hold em Rox said:

    at once…use the nicorette gum that’s how i kicked the habit

  4. Mendi8a said:

    This is not an immigration question..

  5. Carla S said:

    The best way is to stop immediately according to ex-smokers. They say that is the best and most efficient way to stop immediately and be cured of cravings for cigarettes.

  6. robkretz said:

    I used the patch with a great deal of success

  7. calipinkgirl said:

    i dont know why you are asking this question in immigration but gradually is the best way…if you quit cold turkey your body is likely to go in shock which means the habit being kicked wont last long…try or plug quit smoking into google…my friend tried to quit right away and she is smoking again…two months later…

  8. colortx said:

    Some prefer weaning themselves, others just cold turkey. Try both and see what works for you….what does this have to do with immigration?

  9. grandma's spirit said:

    You need to put this question in the proper category. What the heck does smoking have to with immigration?!?

  10. golosa said:

    You’re in the wrong category.

  11. noils said:

    Imagine a progressive lung disease which will eventually have you gasping oxygen out of a tank every 20 steps you take. That’s prettier than lung cancer which is a sure, painful, early death for many smokers.

    I’m chewing sugar free gum like Orbit and drinking lots of water. Staying away from other smokers is the hardest but a must.

    It’s working for me but my lungs are beyond repair. The VA has started me on inhalers. I’m afraid to ask when I’ll have to start dragging around the oxygen tank.

    Good luck and God Bless you with this very serious fight for your life. noils

  12. kobacker59 said:

    Give it up once & for all.

  13. chulitadetejas said:

    First, you should have posted this question in Health.
    But, I recently quit smoking. Today is day 62. I’m doing OK, but still a wouldn’t mind smoking once in a while. I bought a product called Smoke Away. You should be able to buy it on line (they aren’t carrying it anymore at Walgreen’s). I used it for 3 days and never smoked again. I smoked for 25 years. Yeah, I was surprised it worked. You should give it a try. GOOD LUCK!

  14. GirL_n_L♥VE said:

    * How to Quit Smoking when You Don’t Really Want to *

    If you have a non-smoker you love that is constantly reprimanding you about your smoking habit and wants you to quit…this might be for you.

    Figure out whether you have a will to follow through. If you are weak-willed and have an addictive personality, you may want to work on that aspect first.
    When you’ve finally decided that you can’t stand the guilt, set a date and tell the person you are with that you are quitting. Let them know you need their support regardless of what you do. You will accomplish your goal with time and patience.
    Start cutting back. If you smoke a pack a day, reduce that to half. Even if this means not going to social functions that make you smoke more.
    Get into a routine of smoking half of what you used to, cut that in half again. Smoke only after meals or special events. Put a toothpick in your mouth. Don’t hang out with other smokers.
    Keep cutting in half until you smoke 4 to 5 cigarettes a day. You should be there in less than a year, less than six months if you are determined and have good will power.
    Switch to lights. Keep smoking lights until you are used to them. If you already smoke lights, switch to ultra-lights
    Take one more cigarette away from your daily routine. Do this for a month at most.
    Now switch to ultra-lights. If your brand does not have ultra-lights, then you’ll have to switch brands. If you already smoke ultra lights, you’re wasting your money because that’s like smoking air anyway. By now you really aren’t smoking much of anything, you’re pretty much just trying to break the habit.
    With the goal date in sight, cut down to two a day, a cigarette after lunch and one after dinner. Substitute the rest with drinking lots of water or chewing gum. Keep yourself busy and resist those urges.
    Stop smoking!
    Keep busy on your first day of not smoking. Throw any remaining cigarettes away, or give them to a smoker friend. Keep your gum/water handy. When day one is done, remember that today and the next week are going to be really hard. Treat yourself to an ice cream, but continue not to smoke.
    Let your friends know you passed day two, three, a week, etc., of not smoking. Their praise will help.
    For the first month, avoid social smoking gatherings, big parties and eating outdoors. Keep busy and remind yourself with each passing hour and day, that you are non-smoker! You are doing it!
    After the first month, and maybe for the rest of your life, you will still think of how nice a cigarette will be after a good meal, but the thoughts are easy to repress. Your life as a non-smoker will be healthier and hopefully more enjoyable without the constant torment of being told not to smoke.

    Don’t lie to your muse. If you sneak a cigarette, let them know. Don’t hide your weaknesses.
    Think about the long run. If you need more help, ask for and seek it. Get patches, herbal supplements, or nicotine gum. Look up pictures of lung cancer victims and read stories from surviving families.
    Be proud of your willpower and ability to break a habit you enjoy!

    Things You’ll Need
    A reason to quit
    Alternative “cigarettes”
    A strong will


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