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What is the best way to make coffee in a French Press?

I have everything thing I need to make a great cup of coffee using the french press but I dont want to make coffee fifty times in order figure out how to make the best pot. I dont have the experience of making it and I dont want to waste good coffee while trying to figure it out. Anyone have some words of wisdom?

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4 Responses to “What is the best way to make coffee in a French Press?”

  1. Jan N said:

    I’ve been making coffee this way for about a decade now, so I can definitely offer a good process. First of all, it is essential that you use coffee that is ground for use in a French Press pot. It is a coarser grind than for other methods of making coffee. I grind my own beans to get the right grind. I assume the coffee you have on hand was ground for French Press. If it is too fine, it will clog up the pot and you won’t be able to “press” it.

    I don’t know what size of pot you have, but I use a heaping coffee measure for each cup of water. Put the ground coffee in the pot, bring water to a boil in a separate kettle/pan, then pour in just enough water to wet the coffee grounds. Stir the gorunds to moisten all of them and let sit for one minute. Pour in more water, to come within about 1/2 inch of the top of the French Press pot. Stir again, put the plunger part on top, and let sit for at least 4 minutes (I let mine sit/steep for 6 to 8 minutes – the longer, the stronger the coffee). Very slowly and carefully, push down on the plunger until it gets to the bottom of the pot. Don’t force it or you can end up with scalding hot coffee on your hands.

    This should make a really good cup of coffee.

  2. highway113 said:

    As said, a general rule in making coffee is the correct grind-size to the method of making it.
    As for the portioning, the weight use per 250 ml cup is approx 8 to 10 grams.
    As for strength, 3 to 4 mins will yield a mild cup; 4 to 5 mins will yield a medium strength cup, 5 to 6 mins will yield a strong cup. The longer you leave to brew, the stronger, do bear in mind however, that the longer you brew, the higher content of caffeine is absorbed into the cup…

  3. Stanley W said:

    Measure out the correct amount of coffee grounds. The coffee beans should be grinded just before if possible. Medium Grind.
    Place into French Press.
    Boil water.
    Just after boiling (wait just a few seconds for the bubbles to go down), pour CORRECT amount of water into the French Press.
    With a chopstick or similar, stir like crazy.
    Leave alone for 3-4 mintues.
    Press down and serve immediately.

    Amount of coffee and water is up to personal preferences but you need to remember the amount so that you can repeat it. I like about 1 1/2 tablespoon to a mug of coffee.

  4. tom said:

    The coffee beans should be ground to a course texture for this method. Use 2 table spoons of coffee grounds to each 6 oz of boiling filtered water. Let it steep for 4 minutes, then press the plunger down to clear the coffee of sediment and serve.


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