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What is the ideal home brew kit to buy for beginners?

I’ve had a successful run with Mr. Beer a few months ago, and since then I’ve read a lot of material on home brewing. I am now ready to buy my first real home brew kit and would like to know which is ideal for people relatively new to the hobby, as well as what items are absolutely necessary to a successful brewing experience. Thanks!

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3 Responses to “What is the ideal home brew kit to buy for beginners?”

  1. Call a spade a spade said:

    Heres an excellent starter kit

    The only thing it doesnt come with a brew kettle, priming sugar and bottles and chances are you already have these in your home already, just make sure the kettle you use for wort is stainless steel. A few things I’d recommend to get in addition to this kit, but not necessary are a bottle sanitizer and a tabletop bottle capper; the kit comes with a handheld capper but the tabletop ones are so much better IMO and you dont need a bottle sanitizer but it makes cleaning and sanitizing them really easy. Also, the sanitizing solution it comes with is great but the kit only comes with enough for 1 brew, so you might want to look into stocking up on some more or making your own solution. They have some other kits and a lot of accessories at that site too if you’d like to browse around for a while. If you choose to use a different kit or put one together yourself, then the most very basic pieces of equipment you’d need would be:
    -Brew kettle
    -Fermentation Bucket w/ lid
    -Bottling bucket
    *Note: with the two buckets I’d recommend buying one thats made for homebrewing, some regular buckets can have chemicals in the plastic that may leak into your brew
    -racking cane or siphon
    -Bottles and caps (can use screw on bottles if you dont want to buy a capper)
    -Priming sugar for bottling
    -and of course you need the ingredients!!! Its a good idea to use one of the “beer in a can” kits with pre-hopped liquid malt extract for your first couple brews before you move onto partial mash and whole grain just so you get the idea of what you’re doing

    -you dont need, but I’d strongly suggest getting a hydrometer too, so you can be sure when its done fermenting and so you’ll know alcohol content. If you dont get a hydrometer, another way of telling if its done is when theres 90 seconds or more between bubbles in the airlock

  2. ? said:

    I recommend searching for a homebrew shop near you. If there isn’t one, try It is a very reputible online homebrew supply shop based out of california. They have several “starter” brew kits, but I would recommend this one for $110 (
    That way you don’t have to go back and buy stuff you don’t NEED right away, but will definately WANT soon enough. Also, take it from me: I’ve been brewing for about 5 yrs now. Spend 200 bucks and get yourself a kegging setup. Bottles blah blah blah. Kegging is where to go! Much easier, quicker, safer… etc.

  3. oikos said:

    I started with a Brewer’s Best kit and never regretted it, although I keep adding on to my collection of gear. If you don’t already have a copy, get Papazian’s The New Complete Guide to Home Brewing. I think that it’s the best beginner’s book but it is still useful at your level.


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