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what is the professional name of a person who teaches dog obedience how do you become qualified.?

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4 Responses to “what is the professional name of a person who teaches dog obedience how do you become qualified.?”

  1. aaron a said :

    a trainer

  2. ฿ęŊ said :

    obedience teacher

  3. Dogjudge said :

    I’ve taught obedience for 30+ years. I teach at all levels of competition.

    Unfortunately, there is NO certification, or anything else for obedience instructors. A lot of groups have tried, and are still trying. Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers are two of the better known groups that are TRYING to do something along these lines.

    You’ll see a lot of things these days about “certified dog trainer”, “master dog trainer”, or “dog whisperer” these days. These “titles” mean absolutely nothing. What is even worse, is that there are some “schools” that purport to teach people how to become dog trainers. These schools are only as good as the instructors and that usually isn’t very good. Usually it is just a money making scheme for the people behind the school.

    Until things change, your best avenue is to learn from someone who is considered reputable. Usually the best way is to find people who compete in various forms of dog competition, AKC or Schutzhund, for example and ask around to see who people would recommend.

  4. Whippet keeper said :

    There are several places that will take your money and hand you a paper to say you are a pro. But to go the actual route usually involves apprenticing to a good trainer and joining a real organization.

    I would contact these two organizations or also perhaps the AKC Obedience Club in your area as well to talk to some other trainers.


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