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What is your absolute favorite comfort food?

What’s your favorite type of day and time you most like to eat your favorite comfort food?

Paint a picture for me if you want.

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9 Responses to “What is your absolute favorite comfort food?”

  1. Debaser said:

    chicken strips.

    theyre like amazing

  2. shadow_wings83 said:

    Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream and macaroni and cheese

  3. dlgrl=me said:

    mashed potatoes——-tons of butter.

  4. buttar506 said:


  5. confused said:

    indian food! if you get a good curry and it’s greasy thats the best comfort food plus it takes that long to eat with all of the extras that you forget why you are comfort eating!

  6. whatever said:

    burger and pizza…i could eat them night and day

  7. dawnee_babe said:

    On cold,snowy, windy nights I love to make a batch of chili and pop a pan of cornbread into the oven–serve the chili steaming hot with warm cornbread and chilled butter–oh, don’t want to forget the shredded cheddar to sprinkle over the chili–yuumm

  8. sum_huh! said:

    i scream for ICE CREAAAAAMMMM..

    and chocolate too..

    that’s it i guess..

  9. sillytots said:

    favourite time to have my comfort food – afternoon tea break. My comfort food has to have chocolates in them….any chocolate items…


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