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What is your favourite mashed vegetable?

I have mashed potato with cream and butter and I’ve also tried mashed sweed which was delicious!

What’s is your favourite mash??

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19 Responses to “What is your favourite mashed vegetable?”

  1. toon l said:

    sweet potatoe and pumpkin

  2. Lilly said:

    I love Mashed Potato with a little cream and seeded mustard or garlic……mmmm…yum…..mashed sweet potato and pumpkin is pretty tasty too.

  3. Donna said:

    sweet potatoes, baked…. eat right outta the skin with a touch of cinnamon. yummy

  4. ridiculouslycurious said:

    acorn squash is delicious. recently mashed up some cauliflour. turnips are good too. these can be mixed with mashed potatos for a creamier consistency. oh, carrots are good too.

  5. txcatwoman said:

    avocadoes on toast !

  6. Gareth W said:

    Mashed carrots and sweed together. Add plenty of butter, black pepper and some nutmeg for an even better flavour.

  7. apocaliste said:

    Mashed sweet potato, you can do so many good things with it. Add a bit of carrot for different flavors, very good. But mashed potato in a skin, with sour cream, bacon bits and spring onions on top. Just gorgeous.

    I am currently living in the UK since feb, I must admit, mashed peas, is good.

  8. cgroenewald_2000 said:

    Pumpkin & cinnamon sugar.

  9. webby said:

    Mashed celeriac with a little black pepper. Celeriac mashed with carrots is really tasty too.

  10. deb a said:

    mashed potatoes with garlic

  11. Genius Cook said:

    Carrots or peas or potatoes (all of the kinds of).

  12. matowakan58 said:

    sweet potatoes or yams
    next on my list would be potatos and carrots together.

  13. fred_rogers said:

    Parsnips, with butter and pepper.

  14. Gigi said:

    Purple or Yukon gold potatoes.

  15. staci l said:

    Have you ever tried Turnips or Rutabegas? They are yummy by themselves smashed or you can cook them together and smash them. Cook them like potatoes, ans mash them up with a fork or a masher. (not an eletric mixer) Add some butter, and they are reall good. You should give them a try!!!

  16. Ozgard said:

    Mashed Sweet Potato sprinkled with Brown Sugar.

  17. hazeleyes said:

    Yukon gold potatoes try those instead of russet potatoes. Yukon’s are so buttery already you don’t need to add any extra butter.

  18. babyj said:

    mashed yukon gold potatoes with lots of thick brown homemade gravy MMM drooling

  19. muckrake said:

    Sweet potato with butter and a dash of cinnamon. Or mashed in a casserole dish with mini-marshmallows on top and baked in the oven until the marshmallows brown.


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