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What kind of food should we serve at a fund-raiser? The food has to be served in a fun way to grab attention?

The food will be served at an event similar to a lock-in. Last time, many people preferred foods that were filling to foods that were more like sweets.

We want a fun way to serve the food because we believe if it is fun and if we cook the food (partially or from scratch) in front of the people at the event, they will be more interested and the fund raising more successful

Cotton candy was suggested; although it isn’t filling or close to a meal, it is fun to serve and everyone loves it
We are raising money for a mission trip to a native reserve in Ontario

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7 Responses to “What kind of food should we serve at a fund-raiser? The food has to be served in a fun way to grab attention?”

  1. Jonathon H said :

    corn dogs. pizza

  2. kymm_williams said :

    NACHOS are always good because although you don’t “make” them, you could make tons of toppings to go on them such as homemade salsa, homemade melted cheese with jalapenos, maybe some hot sauce or so other flavorings. You can serve Turkey meat, hamburger meat, tons of veggies that you can cut up…uuummmm..chili you can make. there are so many options. Same with hot dogs, just make tons of toppings, or even baked potatoes are a good one too. WHO doesn’t love nachos, hot dogs or baked potatoes. At least it will cover meat lovers and vegetarians a like. Good luck on the fund raiser, BTW what are you raising the funds for?

  3. musical said :

    make a chocolate fountain or a bowl of liquid chocolate. then u can have tons of other stuff with it like strawberries, crackers, marshmellows, pickles, anything!!!

  4. smart. said :

    you can have hot dogs and they can watch you cook the sausages. pizza and you can cook it in a special oven, thats akways interesting to watch.
    and yeah, i was gonna suggest cotton candy, but like you said not a meal. my other suggestion is donuts, they arent a meal either though. you could do popcorn too, but still not a meal.
    make spuds! with chilli con carne and stuff. YUM
    have fun, good luck

  5. bbgirl said :


    use the small bags of Doritos’s crush slightly
    add taco meat
    you can add ( let them choose)shredded lettuce
    shredded cheese
    sour cream
    eat right out of the bag

    these are always a hit,everyone loves them !!!

  6. Jessica:] said :


    you will be surprised how fast they go

    cut them in pretty shapes with a cookiecutter and stick them on lollipop sticks.

  7. TX2step said :

    Hire an omelet chef, where people choose the fillings for their omelet …….Taco Bar, where they choose the fillings …..


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