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What kind of food should you eat and drinks should you drink while bicycling long distances?

Are there some types of food and drink that are better than others? Do I have to take all those energy bars and drinks or is there regular food I can use?

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15 Responses to “What kind of food should you eat and drinks should you drink while bicycling long distances?”

  1. bishdnjuan said :

    energy bars, energy drinks…smoothies and water and gatoarde

  2. browneyes said :

    Gatorade and lots of proteins filled food

  3. arenaimage said :

    Pizza and beer

  4. kev said :

    i think water and energy bars are good…

    maybe some protien bars?

    also you need carbs

  5. Scotty Wrotem said :

    Fajitas and Diet Coke.

  6. pcola_doodoo said :

    there are some specifically aimed at bicyclists
    try looking online, in magazines, or bike shops
    if you’re attempting something like a century, you need to build up an energy storage…a reserve your body can dip into to keep you from giving out. calories, protein, and saturated fat

  7. JeffyB said :

    Stay away from soda or carbonated beverages. Your stomach will thank you. I prefer granola bars or trail mix, and iced tea, but that’s just my opinion. Many power bars have more sugar than anything else.

  8. [Tsuniper-X] said :

    salt and water, maybe…

  9. Gabrielle said :

    You should eat energy bars and drink water, powerade, gatorade, or anykind of thirst quiencher.

  10. BonesofaTeacher said :

    regular food is probably fine. people biked long distances before that stuff was invented. you dont’ have to eat it to bike long distances. yes you need calories and energy to do it. but no special foods.

  11. permagrin617 said :

    Eat a large variety of foods, and go heavy in carbohydrates. The only drink you really need is water, but drink whatever you like as long as you stay hydrated. Energy bars, gatorade etc., are all just mass marketed products of capitalism. They won’t hinder you, but really, you don’t need them.

  12. Chris said :

    As stated, you need to build up your stamina and mustles before attempting long distances.
    I would suggest that you eat a light meal prior to your ride, like salad. You wouldn’t want something heavy on your stomach while trying to exert a lot of energy. Energy bars are mainly SUGAR and will give you a SHORT increase in energy but will leave you more worn out. So avoid any sugary stuff.
    As others have suggested, you need liquids.
    Water, Power Ade, Gator Ade and the like. You also need salt and other nutrients. Crackers with peanutbutter in between is an Excellent source.

  13. Lizzy said :

    Gatorade! Any energy drinks.

  14. eversweetnkn said :

    propel or gatorade. and the energy foods like energy bars. and definately water

  15. Ted said :

    for lond rides I take water bottles with a 50/50 mix of Gatorade and water.

    I also take along Fig Newtons or energy bars.


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