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What types of coffee mug are there ?

More than 50% of adult Americans consume coffee daily. As such, coffee mugs is one of the most used drinking material used. Coffee mugs come in various shapes and sizes, but can vary based on the materials used; these may include glass, plastic, porcelain and stainless steel.

Since porcelain can hold heat excellently and can be decorated beautifully, coffee mugs made of porcelain are good choices. However, porcelain tends to break easily and includes no lid to keep the coffee from dripping. If you’re a frequent traveler, porcelain coffee mugs may not the right choice for you.

Plastic and stainless steel are usually combined to produce quality coffee mugs with lids designed with a drinking hole or spout. These types of hybrid coffee mugs are usually break-resistant and spill-free. In addition, the lid traps heat to maintain more heat longer. These mugs are commonly called “traveling cups”.

Regardless of material, these coffee mugs come in different sizes that can fill 12 to 20 ounces. Some mugs are designed to provide larger servings of coffee, while others simply accommodate the standard serving size of beverages. Choosing coffee mugs depends largely on your personal taste and daily coffee consumption, but whichever coffee mug you chose, quality coffee would make the difference.

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