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What will alluminum pans and vinegar do to the pan if anything?

I want to make greman potato salad and put it into an alumium pan. Is it possible and what are the efects of these ingredients in the pan?

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4 Responses to “What will alluminum pans and vinegar do to the pan if anything?”

  1. Betty said:

    I wouldn’t recommend it. Vinegar will cause aluminum from the pan to leach into the food. Tomatoes will do the same thing.

    I work in the food industry. There is a rumor that the FDA Food Code will be changed within a year or so and will not allow restaurants or any food service operation to use aluminum cook ware. Apparently, studies have been done that prove aluminum leaches into ALL food prepared in aluminum pans.

  2. Cat said:

    Your best bet would be a glass dish as it won’t change the color or flavor of the food.

  3. MasterPython said:

    Don’t. Acidic foods can react with the aluminum and make it taste bad.

  4. Sugar Pie said:

    the vinegar will leach aluminum salts into the food. Yuk. It may also discolor the pan and thus the food. Line your pan w/ plastic wrap first, or use a glass or plastic serving dish.

    When I dont’ want to use a good dish for something I’m bringing elsewhere, I go buy a dish at Goodwill or Everything’s a Dollar for a buck. Then if I dont’ get it back, I don’t care.


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