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What would you give up for a Chargers victory?

i would give up smoking! =]

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7 Responses to “What would you give up for a Chargers victory?”

  1. tric792 said:

    Maybe you should no matter what.

  2. COWBOYS SUCK said:


  3. Terry C said:

    Nothing…Cause I’m for the Pats…

  4. jessiekarma said:

    Absolutely nothing! LOL! I am a Steelers fan! Sorry, dude!

  5. hiyall said:

    my life! i h8 the pats! h8 em!

  6. KatVic said:

    Pocket-Lint, and a cigarette butt? hahahaha

  7. Our.Song<3 said:

    lol chocolate…..and believe me thats super important to me, or maybe even my car :O


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