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What’s harder to give up smoking or “playing wit yourself”?

They are both hard!!!! LOL!!!!

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23 Responses to “What’s harder to give up smoking or “playing wit yourself”?”

  1. lilshrtcke2001 said:

    Well I have tried the first but NEVER the second one.

  2. Lauran B. said:

    I don’t smoke but I love to play. I don’t know if I could ever give THAT up !!!

  3. Lick'em Up Front said:

    I don’t smoke, what do you think?

  4. Little Miss Black Death said:

    Smoking. That takes forever. Sometimes people can’t quit.

  5. Sweet♥ said:

    playing, definitley! it’s much more than an addiction

  6. IAM2INSANE said:

    I would much rather give up the smokes!If I don’t play with me,who will?

  7. TxRose 0304 said:

    I don’t wanna know ur hard!! umm, ohh, u meant as in difficult? My bad.

    IDK, I don’t smoke. 🙂

  8. Christabelle said:

    The second. It can’t be done. At least there’s a patch for the first problem.

  9. Chewie said:

    I don’t smoke 🙂

  10. Charisma said:

    Its harder to quit drinking, I smoked and drank. and I quit them both (well I’m still working on the cigarette one) and drinking was hardest.

    and pfft quit playing with my self tha loca………….

  11. mckjas said:


  12. tmf_75 said:

    i don’t play with myself that’s a man job… i would have to say smoking 😛

  13. maggie29 said:

    Well I’m not addicted to neither one but…I’ll have to guess that smoking would be not so hard to give up!

  14. aprilann3 said:

    Why would you give up playing with yourself?

  15. Michelle Lynn said:

    I don’t do either so I have no idea, but good luck finding out.

  16. MSLETY said:

    Give up the smoking,it will kill you.

  17. plum_eccentric said:

    Rhetorical question right? Now where did I put those darn batteries !!!!!! LOL

  18. GiSeLiTa said:

    never tried to quit either of them… so i’ll get back to you on that!!! *lights up a smiggie, and reaches down*

  19. Tarro said:

    Giving up smoking was easy.
    I will never give up playing with myself.
    You will have to pry my weapon from my cold dead hands.

  20. Snoflake said:

    i dont smoke

  21. kristy_420_schach said:

    Quiting smoking! I can’t do it… been trying for years…..

  22. chikis said:

    playing with myself. give up smoking is not difficult at all. I find myself smoking 1 or 2 cigarrettes a week sometimes none!

  23. Phigment of Your Imagination said:

    Both hard especially when you are.


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